By: Ben Soderberg
The Irons kicked off the third show of their tour supporting Winona Forever in Houston at The Secret Group. I was lucky enough to be able to join them as their tour photographer, and I can definitely say that this show was my favorite out of their five-show run! 
The five-piece Austin native band took the stage and started off strong with their song God I Hope My Buddy’s Not a Spy, off of their newest album He’s About To Blow. That was then followed by Why Can’t I Get It Too, Get Real Tough, Goodbye Too Soon, and probably the most energetic cover of Life Is a Highway ever performed. During the cover, their drummer Nathan jumped into the crowd and started a mosh pit to really get the crowd going and excited for what was next. Hayden, the singer, and Nathan took turns crowd surfing during the set as they played a couple more songs off of their albums Peter Clear Boy and Taking It All In before performing their grand finale, Baby by Justin Bieber. The crowd joined in immediately as the song began and everyone was singing along. As the song went on, Nathan found his way on top of the crowd and onto the rafters where he hung for a while watching the song play out. It was an extremely memorable performance that I’m sure no one will ever forget. 
I have never been to a boring Irons show and I’m sure many people can say the same. They definitely know how to put on an entertaining and interactive show while also sounding amazing. If they play in a city near you, go check them out!

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