By: Loreal Curtis
Many may know Adore Delano from season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and others may know Adore as Danny Noriega from American Idol. Not only is Adore a beloved drag superstar, but they’re also an amazing singer and songwriter. Being a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’ve always admired Adore’s alternative style and approach to being an entertainer.
While other drag entertainers have a hyper feminine style with exaggerated features, Adore confidently shows that a punk aesthetic is just as beautiful and important. That representation is evident in their artistry as well. A majority of drag entertainers put out pop/dance music and Adore’s been there and done that, as well as put out alternative music.
Houston was lucky enough to be chosen as a stop on the Party Your World Tour. This was my first show at The Heights Theater and it for sure won’t be my last. The show opened up with local band Jumprope and they were such a good time.
The song Butterfly from the Whatever album was the banger that Adore welcomed everyone to show with. The energy, the passion, the charisma, the vocals… Adore brought it all to the stage. The show was so personable and intimate to the point that you felt like Adore was an old friend. Everyone in the audience felt seen and validated with all the conversations Adore had with fans. A backstory was given behind each song and Adore made sure to tell us about the headspace they were in while writing each song. 
We were even given the surprise of Adore singing a cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic and Radiohead’s Creep. It was great to hear songs from all three of Adore’s albums, which also showed how versatile of an artist they are. Houston definitely made Adore feel loved and adored. Being in Texas and feeling the love, Adore said that she felt like Selena. The show exceeded my expectations and I would love to see Adore again.

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