By: Carissa Aguirre
If you've ever scrolled through EDM content on any social media platform, chances are you've caught glimpses of Excision's Nexus Tour. The videos are flooded with an insane array of lasers and mind-bending 3D visuals. Like everyone else, I was absolutely floored when I saw Shrek looming behind Excision on stage. I knew right then that I had to experience it for myself. The last time I saw Excision was at Ubbi Dubbi in 2022, so I was eager to see him in a more intimate venue rather than from a distance. Needless to say, my expectations were sky-high, and I can happily report they were met and then some.
As I walked into the venue at 8:30 p.m., fans were already streaming into 713 Music Hall, eagerly securing their spots at the rail. With opening acts like Rated R and Heritage, the energy was crazy from the get-go. Personally, I was especially hyped to see Level Up again. This marked my fourth time catching her live, and she never fails to deliver an amazing set. I even found myself headbanging with fellow ravers at the rail during the end of her performance. Plus, seeing Ghastly perform Ghengar added an extra layer of excitement to the night.
As Ghengar wrapped up their set, someone dressed in a dinosaur costume walked into the pit. While I've never been to Lost Lands, I couldn't help but feel like this was a small taste of what Excision's festival in Ohio has to offer. When the lights dimmed and the screens behind the decks came to life, the crowd erupted in cheers. The bass filled the venue, and you could feel the vibrations through the floor. A massive screen stretched across the stage as lasers and animations engulfed the crowd. As I moved around the venue, it became evident that the balcony offered the best view. From there, every laser beam and visual were crystal clear.
Speaking of lasers, the show brought to mind the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular that recently came to Houston. While that was an incredible experience, for the EDM community, lasers are just another day at a show, particularly at an Excision show. Nonetheless, the sight of that many beams gets us hyped every single time. Plus, major props to the animation artists behind all of the visuals. You didn't even need 3D glasses to feel like graphics were going to grab you. And if you were hoping to catch the Shrek visuals, you would've had to be there on day one, as they were not repeated on the second day.
The Nexus tour poster reads that this is “the biggest Excision tour production ever,” and after witnessing both days firsthand, I can attest to that claim. If this tour is coming to a city near you, just go. I understand the hesitation due to ticket prices these days, but trust me, it's worth every penny. From the lineup to the production, The Nexus Tour spared no expense in giving the crowd what they wanted: a night filled with headbanging, lasers, and wonky bass music.

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