By: Kayla Middleton
After some time away from the stage, Ryan Beatty has made his triumphant return to the spotlight on the second stop of his Calico Tour in Houston, Texas. This headlining tour provided an intimate setup for fans to connect with the music while they sang, cried, and danced their way through the night. The California native serenaded White Oak Music Hall and transported the entire audience to a place of serenity.
Doors opened later than usual because Beatty was taking on this tour alone with no opening act. The crowd began to shuffle in, with the audience dressed in their flowiest outfits, and I heart Ryan Beatty tops. The audience sat in anticipation for an hour before his band began to take the stage. His keyboard player began to play a melody that introduced the rest of the band until Beatty finally appeared from behind the backstage curtains. The night began with Ribbons, Bruises Off The Peach, and Cinnamon Bread. Beatty, sporting cowboy boots and his Sony headphones, sat center stage as he belted the songs as the crowd sang along.
The night persisted with the mellow soundtrack of songs such as Andromeda and Bright Red from Calico. He transitioned into playing older songs such as Haircut and Powerslide from his debut album, Boy in Jeans. Hearing those songs felt so nostalgic, as everyone in the audience sang along to these songs that encapsulated their past. He even played Backseat and Casino from Dreaming of David, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone in the audience. Through all this, he sang beautifully as his band captured every emotion that these songs carried. While on stage, Ryan stated that he was sick, but this did not hinder the heavenly runs that it took to execute all of his songs.
As the night began to wind down, Beatty closed the night with Multiple Endings, White Teeth, and Little Faith, rounding out the Calico part of the Calico tour. The crowd gave endless praise to the band and Ryan as they began to exit the stage. The show was one that felt so intimate and moving. With each song they played, Beatty’s vocal ability mesmerized and entranced the crowd. His raw vulnerability makes him an artist beyond his years and one that the public is thrilled to have back on stage.

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