By: Kayla Middleton
Inhaler, the four-piece hailing all the way from Dublin, hit the stage with a sold out show at the White Oak Music Hall on Tuesday, March 7th. Their fans bought the energy that perfectly matched the band’s mesmerizing hits that made the night as exhilarating as it was. The Irish band consisting of guitarist Josh Jenkinson, bassist Robert Keating, drummer Ryan McMahon, and frontman vocalist and guitarist Elijah Hewson, ran with the hype of the recent release of their sophomore album, Cuts & Bruises, for this tour. The new songs provided the perfect soundtrack of liveliness and alternative rock that energized the venue for the entire night.
The show was opened by Houston’s own Black Pearl that provided a perfect precursor for the night. They played an amazing set and quickly the venue began to pack in even more audience members as Inhaler’s set time drew near. The lights dimmed and the house music faded, red lights flooded the stage as the crowd cheered for the band to enter. As the members began to take their places, the excitement from the audience grew louder and louder. When frontman Elijah took center stage, the band kicked off the night with the high-energy track These Are The Days. When I saw the crowd bouncing around to the lively pop-rock hit, I knew I was in for a fun night and this was just the beginning. The show was invigorating as it captured my attention the entire length of the concert and didn’t let go. I had a blast dancing to songs such as When It Breaks and Dublin in Ecstasy. It wouldn’t be a Texas show without a cowboy hat being thrown on stage and the honorary Texan for the night was drummer McMahon, who wore the classic Texan look with pride!
The night closed with If You’re Gonna Break My Heart (My personal favorite! This song has been on repeat for me since that night!) and It Won’t Always Be Like This. The crowd roared as the quad exited the stage and as the girls with “I Heart Irish Boys” tees flooded out the venue, a few lucky fans had the opportunity to catch some of the band members outside of the venue before their tour bus pulled off for the next stop in their amazing tour.

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