By: Marti Mendoza
On November 18th, Matt Maeson’s The Day You Departed Tour took a stop at the House of Blues in Houston, TX. 
The night started off with up and coming pop band Moby Rich taking the stage in front of an excited crowd. Moby Rich had a really great and entertaining set filled with humorous banter in between songs. They were able to capture the crowd with their melancholy pop sound and fun stage presence. The duo, composed of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, performed a few of their hits including Blink and Loser. They also performed Pocket, which they introduced as the song that is the favorite of their Mom’s and the song their ex-girlfriends hate. A highlight of Moby Rich’s set was their cover of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts. Before starting this song, they played the intro hook to Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects, tricking everyone into thinking this would be the next song. Instead, they jumped into the catchy lyrics of Truth Hurts with the crowd then jumping in excitement as they sang along to each word. Moby Rich closed off their set with their hit debut single Yoko Ono.
After a short break, Matt Maeson took the stage with his first song of the night being Tread on Me from his newest album Bank On The Funeral . He continued with more tracks from this album including I Just Don’t Care that Much and Tribulation. After a few more songs, Maeson slowed things down as he spoke of how he wanted to go back to his roots in performing his songs, which is just him and a guitar. He performed an acoustic version of Cliffy, which was the name of the guy Maeson used to live with in his trailer. This was a great performance of a great song.
The set continued with his band coming back out to join him as the energy went back up. Maeson was repeating throughout the night that he was running on only three hours of sleep, but it definitely did not show with his performance. He made a Monday night feel like a Saturday night out. One of the crowd favorites was during Beggar’s Song. This has such a catchy hook with powerful lyrics that the crowd loved singing back. Maeson then performed an awesome cover of When You Were Young by the Killers. To keep his set going, he played his hit single Cringe. Before the encore, Maeson closed the set off with the title track of his album, Bank On The Funeral.
With loud cheers from the crowd, Maeson comes back with one more song, Hallucinogenics. He has made me a big fan of his, and I am sure his success will continue to rise for many years to come! Make sure to listen to Maeson’s newest record if you have not yet.

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