By: Christi Balderas
The White Oak upstairs room was filled with a mixture of energy during Tessa Violet’s Houston, Texas show this month. From crowds belting out her songs to complete silence, upon Violet’s request, songs and emotions were felt and poured out. The versatility of Tessa Violet is vital to her outstanding performance. With hands waving back and forth in-sync and everyone jumping on their feet, Tessa Violet slowly and calmly transitioned into her “sad song”, making the room completely silent.
Tessa Violet’s talent exists far beyond her vocals. Despite encountering technical difficulties– not once, but twice, she turned two potentially discouraging moments into a chance for a few jokes and The Office theme song. Before transitioning into Words Ain’t Enough, Violet asked her audience to keep quiet and feel her song—with not a phone out in sight, the venue connected and took in the moment. A few uncooperative audience members could be heard talking, giggling and not many fans appreciated it. Several surrounding audience members quietly (and politely) asked them to either be present or step outside, and it was not long after that Tessa noticed the chit-chatters and respectfully asked for everyone to allow her to be vulnerable during her piece. It didn’t take Violet long after that to delve into her zone and continue to give Houston an unforgettable night.
In true Texas fashion, Tessa Violet began with a big “Yee-haw!” from the audience and from there it was more than just another concert. But instead, a chance for everyone to be vulnerable, to understand themselves. Whether you were one of the younger children in the audience or one of the older people in the back, it will be an experience you remember for the rest of your life. Violet included the audience with such intimacy and poise, lyrics will resonate with us, messages will be understood, and this performance will live forever.

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