By: Christi Balderas
Trying to find words to properly describe Shakey Graves’ show is quite the impossible task. A Texas native, he embraced the Houston heat and poured his heart out though his song. A true artist, Graves has been considered to fall under multiple genres including folk, country, rock, blues, and indie. If there was ever any doubt as to the rarity of an artist like Graves, all it takes is a single show to be convinced otherwise.
A successful show goes far beyond how many tickets are sold or how much merchandise is purchased. What makes a show memorable and impactful is the soul of the artist on stage. Whether that be a band of five artists or a solo artist, the most beautiful shows are the ones like Shakey Graves’. Compelling the audience with his remarkable talent; his instrumental breaks and transitions were as impeccable as they come. Doing it all, (but literally) from working the kick-drum while singing and playing his guitar— there is no one who comes close to Graves. Telling stories through his songs with that glorious raspy voice, there was not a single flaw in his show. 
Coming a long way from his start, a huge force of raw talent and passion, Shakey Graves captured the heart and energy of the entire venue. There is no question that this Texas gentleman knows his way around and audience and a performance.

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