By: Jon Harrison
The Greeting Committee has always been a band that I’ve had a long affinity for, always boasting an easygoing and consistent sound throughout the years despite only having two albums to date. The quartet hailing from Kansas City have just dropped Dandelion, five years after their first album This Is It, while giving fans a fair amount of EP’s and singles to hold them over in between. Consisting of original members Addie Sartino, Pierce Turcotte, Noah Spencer and Micah Ritchie, they brought an amazing set full of good vibes, jokes and intimacy that provided a great show.
The Bronze Peacock at House of Blues had a nice feeling to it as the band took stage with Addie getting the crowd to be lively sing along to tracks like Is This It? and with the upbeat Run For Your Money. From there the crowd was engaged and into the set that felt like it was just blowing by the entire time. Addie wanted the crowd to be closer and intimate while proceeding that everyone get closer and fill in the space. Soon after, Greeting Committee fans would really start to get into it while audibly being louder than before, much to the amazement of the band.
Eventually we would come the end and this would arguably be the best part of the set where it’s only Addie with Pierce to play a wonderful, laid back acoustic encore. Playing first Ten and a surprise appearance of More, a song they have not played all tour but was a delight to hear. And with that the show was over and the audience gave loud applauses to the two originals with it being much deserved.
This show, while not extremely packed, filled lots of good energy because the band made it easy to feel uplifted. Hopefully they get more eyes on them with this latest release and new fans discover them in the future.

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