By: Jon Harrison
For almost a decade, Alvvays have remained a favorite amongst indie fans. They’ve also gained a devout following since their self-titled album from 2014. The Canadian quintet recently released Blue Rev and this tour would not only heavily feature this album but also their two albums prior to the glee of long time fans. Led by front-woman and guitarist Molly Rankin, along with mainstays in guitarist Alec O’Hanley, and keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, the band has evolved its sound while also staying true to their distinct indie-pop sound.
The show started out with Wisconsin band Slow Pulp, this was not my first introduction to the band having seen them open for Remo Drive back in 2019, and even then the band has been amongst my favorites to listen to. Having a throwback but almost grunge feel to their music, with songs like At It Again & High, the crowd was absolutely digging the bands sound with loud applauses. Listeners should definitely seek out their latest album Moveys while also listening to older projects such as EP 2. I am very much look forward to what the Chicago-based band will have next in the coming years, and how their sound will continue to develop.
Soon after, Alvvays would take the stage and the crowd would get a solid mix of all three albums with favorites like Adult Diversion, Dreams Tonite, and Archie, Marry Me. Molly’s smooth vocals were pristine and it seemed like she was singing so elegantly while also having the added touch of the crowd singing along with her. This made for a sweet ambiance in the crowd that boosted the entire set, especially on Party Police when it seemed like everyone knew each line while never feeling off-pitch. Finally, the show would come to the encore portion of the set and Alec asked simply “What do you wanna hear” then me selfishly, and loudly screaming “NEXT OF KIN” and that is exactly what was played to my delight, then to close it out we got Lottery Noises.
This was a great show from two very good bands that the entire crowd showed deep appreciation to and I am certain would love to see again very soon.

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