By: Destiny Arredondo
On May 17th, 2024, fans ranging from young teens to older adults wearing everything from elegant outfits to traditional Mexican attire and eclectic dresses lined up outside of the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, TX, to catch Mon Laferte’s breathtaking show. Mon is currently on her Autopoiética Tour, which is named after her most experimental album to date. Her latest record, Autopoiética, is a masterpiece from beginning to end. This album was able to fully encapsulate her creativity and the diversity of all of the musical influences she has taken inspiration from over the years. As a long-time fan of Mon’s, it is an understatement to say I was excited, and yet I had no idea that it would end up being one of my all-time favorite shows. 
Ximena Sariñana was starting the night off with some of her new music and a simple stage set-up that was able to fully showcase her vocals and all of the instrumentals that she was controlling with her stand-alone keyboard. By the time Mon appeared on stage, anticipation had reached its peak. The stage setup was nothing short of extraordinary; she had a double-screen configuration with complimenting graphics appearing on them. She also had a real statue of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her. A really cool detail added to the statue was that she had the latest record’s song title, Tattooed, all over her arms. Having a real statue on stage really added to the 3D look of the performance and made for an even more immersive experience. All of these details just proved how much thought was put into the entire production.
With a single spotlight shining down on Mon, she kicked off her set with Tenochtitlán, a very strong opener that set the mood for the rest of the show. As she transitioned to her popular tracks from the new album—NO+SAD, Metamorfosis, and Autopoiética—the crowd couldn’t resist dancing. Each song carried a different genre, which kept the audience eagerly anticipating the next song. A standout moment was the performance of Autopoiética. Prior to the show starting, Mon announced on her Instagram that the fans that wore the most unique and fun clothing would be picked to walk a catwalk on stage along with her! It was such a special touch to the show because it felt like a sincere tribute to the ballroom scene, a rarely represented aspect in Latin and Mexican media, showcasing Laferte’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural appreciation. 
Laferte also made sure to not disappoint her long-time fans; she was able to deliver mesmerizing renditions of her most well-known classics, like TormentoMi Buen Amor, and Si Tú Me Quisieras. As a fan who has attended Mon’s concerts in the past, it is always shocking to hear just how strong her voice is. I can truly say that I have never heard such a powerful voice that carried just as much elegance and gracefulness. On top of the already amazing production, she was joined by four mature male dancers who challenged the traditional gender norms that we have all been taught by society, especially in the Latin and Mexican media. Their performance was able to capture the juxtaposition of masculine appearances with their expressive and “feminine” dance moves. This representation of fluid movements on stage was a powerful statement against the “machismo” culture that’s prevalent in a lot of Latin communities. 
Mon Laferte exceeded all expectations with her production, complete with a half-band, dancers, outfit changes, and a meticulously crafted stage setup. The concert felt like a musical film, filled with emotional highs and lows, and concluded with Mon bringing the entire crew on stage for a heartfelt bow. This moment proved the collective effort behind the magical performance and left the audience clapping loudly.
I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing Mon Laferte’s concert to anyone seeking a beautiful, fun, and thought-provoking night. Her ability to blend diverse musical styles with profound cultural statements makes her performances not just concerts but artistic journeys. If given the chance, I would eagerly attend again—it’s just that good.

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