By: Destiny Arredondo
The venue, White Oak Music Hall, was quickly filling up as the show time was getting closer. With the line reaching way into the neighborhood, the fans were pumped with excitement. 
Tonight a band by the name of Jungle was playing a sold out show.
The venue was finally filling up with fans, and their eagerness was just growing. The opening act, Paul Cherry, comes onto the stage wearing a glamorous white suit with cherries on it referencing his name. Cherry plays songs from all of his albums but exclusively his newest album Back On the Music! He finished his set off with his song Ridin’ the High
The headliner’s set time was approaching and the stage hands started to prepare the stage. They pulled a drape down from the back of the stage that revealed in large, bold letters the name JUNGLE. Not too long after, the lights dimmed and the audience roared with enthusiasm. The band members stepped onto the stage and started the set off with Keep Moving, from their 2021 album Loving in Stereo. The fans immediately started dancing as the heavenly singers’ voice filled the entire venue. At this point the venue was packed and the energy in the room was just right. The orange stage light filled the room with the perfect ambience to match the neo-soul/funk band on stage. The band was getting closer to finishing off their set, and the crowd was covered in sweat from how much they were dancing. The band said their goodbyes and the lights came on. 
I can guarantee that if you were to ever attend a Jungle concert, you wouldn’t be able to stop dancing! If this band ever comes to your city, don’t miss out on the opportunity for a good night! 

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