By: Kayla Middleton
Indie pop hits electrified the House of Blue on October 4th as MisterWives rocked the stage for the "Don't Look Down Tour” with Bishop Briggs and Natalie Jane. The five-piece consisting of lead singer Mandy Lee, bass guitarist William Hehir, drummer/percussionist Etienne Bowler, guitarist Marc Campbell, and keyboard/saxophonist Mike Murphy have been met with critical acclaim with the recent release of their new album Nosebleeds. Through the course of the show, the group explored their discography with songs from recent releases, deep cuts, and past popular hits. The energy from the band was unbelievable, and the crowd kept up with the energy on stage.
The night opened with Natalie Jane as she danced across the stage and prepared the audience for an amazing night of music. The crowd sat in anticipation for MisterWives, and before they knew it, the lights and house music were lowering in preparation for their set to begin. The audience's faces lit up as they saw the band take the stage. The crowd spotted singer Mandy at the top of a lit structure, where she began the first song of the night, Out of Your Mind. She joined the band on the stage floor for Dagger and Where Do We Go From Here? Mandy’s stage presence captivated my attention, and I was in awe throughout the entire show. The energy she gave for songs such as whywhywhy, Sideways, and Other Side became infectious and translated to the listeners at the concert.
There were many standout moments in the second half of the show. Mike Murphy produced a killer saxophone solo during Too Late that left the crowd in awe. Another visually stunning and moving scene was during Mandy’s performance of Ultraviolet, where she belted the lyrics from the top of the stage’s lit structure. She sported arrows in her back that mimicked those off the cover of their recent album Nosebleeds. As the night came to a close, the group played their timeless hits Reflections, End of My Rope, and Nosebleeds to close out their act for the night. Bishop Briggs followed their set, which wrapped up an amazing night of music and fun from the "Don’t Look Down Tour!”

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