By: Loreal Curtis
Houston was lucky enough to be a stop on the Good Morning Gorgeous Tour and the city definitely showed up for the queen of hip hop-soul, Mary J. Blige. Queen Naija and Ella Mai opened up the show and definitely had the vibes going. Not only was Queen Naija’s stage presence immaculate but her vocals were as well. Grammy award winner Ella Mai performed with so much joy and ease as the audience sang along with her. These R&B singers are a part of a phenomenal class of artists that prove the genre is still alive.
After seeing Mary leave her heart on the stage for the dramatic performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, her Good Morning Gorgeous Tour was highly anticipated. Not only was this tour for her 14th studio album, but it was for an album where Mary was in such a positive place in her life emotionally. All of her fans have grown with her through all of the pain and heartaches and now she gives us all hope. Her songs have been too relatable for so many generations across the world and she’s shown strength through all of her songs. With over 30 years in the music game, Mary has not only evolved as an artist and actress but also as a woman.
My first time seeing MJB in concert was in Los Angeles in 2019 and I had forgotten how many hits were within her catalog, so I was prepared to be amazed for this tour. The Good Morning Gorgeous concert was nothing short of amazing. The energy in the Toyota Center was unmatched. Mary had everyone on their feet, performing hit after hit after hit. She opened up the show with a song off of the Good Morning Gorgeous album, Amazing, and closed the show with one of her classics, MJB da MVP. It got to the point where Mary literally held the mic out to the crowd to sing out the lyrics of all her hits. The entire arena sang in harmony to songs like Family AffairI’m Going Down, and my personal favorite, Real Love. It was so beautiful to see the huge impact MJB has and seeing fans of all ages dancing and singing at the top of their lungs having the time of their life.
Mary J. Blige has paved the way for so many of your current favorite artists, she brought rawness and artistry that was so unique to the music industry. Noted as a pioneer, Mary was one to seamlessly merge hip hop and R&B. In the early '90s there was no one like her. Most R&B singers were girly and Mary showed the world that tomboys with a feminine flare deserve to be heard too. She brought her authenticity and carved a lane for herself. Obviously no stranger to performing, Mary had the crowd going wild during all of her dance breaks. As a highly decorated artist, Mary’s experience is definitely evident by her setlist choices and outfit changes. It’s always a blessing being able to see an icon perform. Especially the living legend, Mary J. Blige.

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