By: Jon Harrison
Since the late 2000’s metal-core era, very few bands have maintained a strong fan base and relevancy quite like Pierce The Veil. The San Diego band, fronted by guitarist Vic Fuentes along with bassist Jaime Preciado and guitarist Tony Perry, have been the staples of the genre for the past decade. It would be funny to call what’s happening to the band currently a "resurgence" because it felt as if their popularity never truly fell, but more of a fresh discovery to a younger crowd thanks to social media and new music. This led to a very packed and sold-out show at 713 Music Hall that would satisfy fans both old and new.
The show would feature a mix of tracks, which included Caraphernelia, Pass the Nirvana, and an acoustic version of Bulletproof Love. It didn’t hit till about the part of the show where Hold on Till May, where it became very clear that Vic and the boys really valued the fan support from beginning to end. They even picked a fan to come on stage to thank them for being part of their journey. That sort of band-to-fan connection always strikes a chord with me, especially one of the stature of Pierce The Veil, because it shows the gratitude and humility that seem so rare in modern-day rock bands. Eventually the set would close with the very well-known smash hit King for a Day, which felt as if the crowd could sing the roof off of 713 Music Hall.
This show brought me back to much simpler times, from when I saw this band many years prior to now seeing a brand new generation embrace them with full and open arms. The energy remained the same from way back then, perhaps even higher, but the biggest thing that rang true throughout the night was that Pierce the Veil still rocks and is better than ever before. It is truly a sweet thing to see a band I’ve had amazing love and respect for continue their path of greatness.

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