By: Brenna Mata
Big Time Rush brought big time energy to a jam-packed, completely sold out Smart Financial Centre on August 5th. You’ve never had a Friday night more nostalgic than being able to see the irresistible and charming boy band of your Nickelodeon childhood days. Formed in 2009, Big Time Rush features members Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Kendall Schmidt, all of whom have remained close friends over the past 13 years. This definitely worked out in their favor, as their chemistry on stage still remains the same as it was in the 2010s. 
The Forever Tour brought heaps of action for longtime fans from multiple backflips off the stage platforms to serenading Worldwide to four lucky gals from the audience. Not a song went by where the guys weren’t engaged with the crowd or in the crowd for that matter. Yes, they went all around the venue sections from the first couple of rows to the very top seats in the house. 
Fan favorites from their hit TV show had echoes of lyrics from Halfway ThereTil I Forget About You, and If I Ruled The World bouncing all around Smart Financial Centre. If the songs weren’t enough to keep you entertained, then their personalities would have. All of them boast delightful characteristics whether it be Kendall’s laid back vibes or Carlos’ never-ending dad jokes. The fact that they’re all good-looking sort of helps too (don’t lie, you were thinking this too)!
Big Time Rush is currently wrapping up their two month North American tour on the west coast with their final show in Concord, California on August 20th. Make sure to listen to their newest released tracks HoneyFall, and Not Giving You Up, that will melt your heart with nostalgia!

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