By: Brenna Mata
The Bandito Tour made its second stop to Houston this past Friday night and the show proved to be unique in every aspect possible. As showtime started to roll out, thousands of fans filled up the Toyota Center dressed in their camouflage and yellow duct-taped outfits. Some of these fans had even been camping many days prior to the day of the show in order to get as close to the stage barricade as possible. 
As I entered the photo pit I was able to witness these die-hard fans for myself and see nothing more than pure excitement for what was about to take place. I was having a bit of a “this is really about to happen” moment myself since this is also my favorite band ever! The lights go out and we are granted to a view of drummer Josh Dun who holds the torch that symbolized entrance into their world of Trench. A car is rising out of the stage with fires blaring and singer Tyler Joseph standing on top of it. Before you know it, the bass line kicks in with their opening number and first song off of Trench titled Jumpsuit
That feeling you get when they first come on stage lasts through out the entire show. Something new is always happening. Whether it be pyros blasting during Lane Boy, moving to B-stage to play slower songs like Bandito, or even walking over the general admission crowd during Pet Cheetah on a catwalk (pun intended) in the air. There were multiple shining moments for both members of the band like when Josh drums on top of a crowd during his drum solo in Morph or when Tyler runs to the back of the arena and jumps onto a platform to finish singing Car Radio. Other new setlist songs that were fan favorites included The Hype which is backed by Tyler’s sick ukulele skills, and their new radio single Chlorine that just pulls at your heart strings. 
If there’s one thing Twenty One Pilots can do, it’s putting on a live performance that you’ve never seen before. Especially at the end of the show in their final number, Trees. This song hails from their 2013 album titled Vessel, and has been their show's grand finale ever since. It’s fun and emotional wrapped into one, what better way to end a show. Not to mention the yellow confetti that blasts into the air while they’re playing drums on top of the crowd!

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