By: Ben Soderberg
Clairo recently came to Houston and played an amazing set at House of Blues on October 23rd, 2019. The venue was packed full of fans waiting to dance and sing along to her music. To keep people entertained between the opening acts and her set, the Astros game was put up on the big screens. There was a fantastic feeling of community in the room as people had fun with their family and friends and even made friends with the people around them. Her show was full of gracefully sung songs and everyone was swaying along. The stage was set with many colorful lights and pictures of the sky and clouds that really helped set the mood and bring everyone together. 
Clairo got her start at the age of 13 when she began to learn guitar by watching YouTube videos. She first started recording covers and then eventually put out her own music as well. Her fame grew soon after she released her song Pretty Girl (which now has over 40 million views) on YouTube and then signed with the record label Fader. 
Her music and style has gotten extremely popular and has influenced many people across the world. Her soft tunes are very welcoming and easy to listen to which is what makes her such a success. She is currently touring across North America and Europe and has many more shows through this year and into next year!

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