By: Brenna Mata
On May 12th, Canadian rock band The Beaches electrified the Bronze Peacock room at House of Blues and gave Houston a stellar headlining performance. Comprised of Jordan Miller on lead vocals/bass, Leandra Earl on guitar/keys, Kylie Miller on guitar/backing vocals, and Eliza Enman-McDaniel on drums, the band has such a unique stage presence that can captivate any audience. 
From the moment the band stepped on stage, the crowd was hooked by their catchy choruses, funky bass lines and dynamic energy. They started the evening with songs like Late ShowWant What You Got, and Desdemona, all of which have the perfect composition of gritty rock and infectious pop melodies.
Jordan took over the Bronze Peacock stage with her powerhouse vocals, effortlessly belting out some of their classics like T-Shirt and Back of My Heart. Leandra took to the barricade in front of the crowd during Kinkade, Kylie played sweet guitar riffs during every song, and Eliza held down the entire set list with her perfect fills and kicks.
The Beaches’ were undeniably magnetic, with each member exuding confidence and passion, fueling the energy of every fan in the room. Other standout songs of the night included the newly released pop-rock single Blame Brett and Money from their 2017 debut album Late Show, which was also the first Beaches song I ever listened to. 
They ended the adrenaline-filled show with an encore of Gold, a song that perfectly defines The Beaches’ one-of-a-kind sound that is currently making them one of Canada’s hottest rock acts. While their spring tour has just wrapped up, the band recently announced that their second studio album Blame My Ex is set to release on September 15th and will be followed by a fall tour!

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