By: Jon Harrison
The Frights have been one of my favorite indie bands since the 2010s for their cool blend of surf and punk elements that have been a trademark of their music. Since their last time coming through Houston in 2019, the band has released two albums, Everything Seems Like Yesterday and Gallows Humour, with the latter being the focus of this sold out show. 
The San Diego band had been touring mostly on the west coast since making their comeback from a short hiatus with this tour being the true return to the road. I definitely found myself excited to see what the band had in store while playing the guessing game of what could be played from such a fun batch of albums.
From the very start of the set, The Frights sang newer songs off the album to which I admittedly hadn’t been too familiar with yet, but it still had the trademark Frights feel that made them enjoyable to listen to. Throughout the night there would be older songs like Crust Bucket, Afraid of the Dark, Whatever, and You Are Going to Hate This which had me singing my heart out with others doing the same. Another thing that stood out was the banter and engagement that was happening between the band that made a sold out show feel even more intimate for everyone in the room. 
Concluding the show would be an amazing performance of Of Age and a cool acoustic track with frontman Mikey Carnevale playing in the crowd that would bring the show to an end.
This show had everything you could ask for with good music and an amazing crowd to match. It felt like something more than just a show, it felt like a moment that was shared between individuals and musicians playing music they love. It doesn’t get better than that.

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