By: Kayla Middleton
On October 19th, singer/songwriter GAYLE captured her audience with amazing vocals, funny banter, and belt-worthy songs at the Scared But Trying Tour. On the second stop of the tour, the Texas native, Taylor Gayle Rutherfurd, rocked Warehouse Live for her headlining tour. After being a powerhouse opener for huge acts such as P!nk’s Summer Carnival Tour and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, GAYLE's performance on this tour marks a new era for the artist and has set a foundation for the singer to thrive on her own stage.
The night opens with Dylan, and she’s an act you would not want to miss. Her energy was unmatched on stage, and her band backed up the singer beautifully. GAYLE even stepped out of her green room to watch Dylan rock the stage. Further into the night, as more attendees began to trickle in, GAYLE’s set was about to begin. The star began the night with indieedgycool, sleeping with my friends, and leave me for dead. Her high energy drew the audience in and set the night off with a bang. 
As she introduced herself and the band, she explained that her drummer and guitarist now had mics on stage that were audible to the crowd, not just the singers in-ears. This allowed the trio to joke with each other on stage, making the concert feel more intimate and personal. The set continued with songs such as kiddie pools and i don’t sleep as good as i used to. The song don’t call me pretty featured an impressive live loop that had the crowd in awe. In between her music, GAYLE included various upbeat covers such as P!nk’s Get the Party Started, Wiggle by Jason Derulo, and London Bridge by Fergie.
As the night grew to a close, she performed her song from the hit movie Barbie, titled butterflies. She had a small section in the show leading up to the performance of everyone hates me where she explained how the song came to be. Because of the excessive hate she was receiving from the media when her songs first blew up on social media, GAYLE’s message of being persistent in overcoming the hate and bullying sent a wholesome and motivating wave over the crowd. She closed the show with ur just horny and her global hit abcdefu. Overall, GAYLE's stage presence lit up the venue and left the crowd wanting more! I’m excited to see where her talents will take her next!

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