By: Destiny Arredondo
Indiana artist Omar Apollo hit the stage at the beloved Houston venue 713 Music Hall on Wednesday, October 26th as part of his Prototype Tour and danced the night away with his fans. 
With a newly released album, it’s safe to say that everyone (along with myself) was excited for this tour. This album, Ivory (Marfil) brought so much diversity to his already amazing discography and made him gain many new fans. 
With this newly gained popularity, it wasn’t surprising to see that the venue was packed for his show. The show started off with an up and coming artist by the name of Ravyn Lenae. She performed a beautiful setlist filled with R&B tones and left the crowd ready for more. 
Around 30 minutes later, the lights in the venue dimmed and everyone got their phones out to record the intro. Intense blue lights hit the fans’ faces as three of the band members came walking onto the stage wearing white jumpsuits. As soon as the intro was done, Omar came walking from the back of the stage in an all black outfit. The song Killing Me boomed through the speakers and fans immediately started singing along to the song. Omar made sure to show off his moves as he spinned, jumped and danced as he continued to sing. After a couple of songs, he made sure to give some of his “OG” fans a trip down memory lane with his song Ugotme from his 2018 record Stereo. The fans instantly started singing every word of the song back to him. Once the song was over he made sure to introduce himself and greet the crowd. He expressed his love for Houston and Texas overall saying things like “I wish I was born here!
Around the middle of his set he started to perform his spanish songs like En El Olvido and Dos Uno Nueve (219) which consisted heavily of Mexican guitar with beautiful lyrics, and Frio which carried heavy reggaeton beats. 
He finished his set with his most popular song Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All) and Go Away. Omar Apollo without a doubt knows how to put on a show and exceed EVERYONE’S expectations.

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