By: Jon Harrison
For a while now, art and music have become synonymous with one another, with many bright minds that have done so for years. One of the artist’s at the head of it is Yves Tumor. The musical brain child of Sean Bowie, the Tennessee native has had one of the best personas going in the music industry, while also being on the forefront of having the most unique sounds going with the mix of dance hall, rock, and R&B to create one of the most impressive music catalogues to date. Yves just recently released the album Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) which would be the focus of the tour that hit Warehouse Live, with many fans dressed to impress for this sure to be quality show.
Yves would start out with the single God Is a Circle to much of a deafening roar from the crowd, and immediately from the aura that Yves Tumor has that this was not just a performance but a full experience to be enjoyed and not just listened to. Even more so, what stood out throughout the whole set was how amazing and flawless everything was from the stage set up, to the band, and how Yves performed just so fluidly to the point where it felt like the live performance exceeded even the most lucrative ticket price. 
What really hammered that feeling home was hearing the set go from tracks like Honesty to Licking An Orchid and just feeling like your ears were just being soothed with the best quality of music that can be offered. Sadly the concert would conclude, but on a very high note with hit track Kerosene! And let’s just say for as good as the album version of the song is, the live performance of it was definitely a treat to see and hear.
To sum it up, seeing Yves Tumor live beat all the expectations I had and then some, which is quite impressive in itself. This is my show of the year so far in my eyes because of everything I referenced earlier in the article, and I hope music lovers make it a priority to check out Yves Tumor live. Finally, I implore people, even the most casual of listeners, to listen to their music because I’m certain they will leave at the very least a fan or departing with a new favorite song.

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