By: Carissa Aguirre
Illenium is by far one of the biggest EDM artists out there and on Sunday, July 2nd, 713 Music Hall was packed with his fans. I was super excited to cover this show because at Freaky Deaky 2022, I decided to see another set instead of Illenium's. I was so jealous of my friends after they told me how good the set was. This was my redemption and boy did he deliver. As I walked up to the venue, I heard talk of the pyrotechnics that were going to be happening during the show, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come and the emotional rollercoaster I was about to ride.  
Opener IMANU was playing as the crowd slowly grew bigger and bigger. I was walking around the venue when I realized that one of my favorite songs, I'm Fine by Apashe (IMANU Remix), had started playing. Hearing it live after blaring it in my car almost everyday was a perfect way to start the night. As the next opener Said The Sky was playing, people were still piling in. By the time his set was over, there was practically nowhere else to walk. 
Then, it was time. The stage crew quickly started moving things out of the way to unveil Illenium’s set hiding beneath the covers. As the lights went down, the crowd roared as he walked on stage with a guitar. He strummed over a mix of the songs Shivering and Luv Me A Little from his most recent self-titled album, and Feel Something, a single from 2020 featuring I Prevail. In the background, video from Illenium’s self made movie Starfall played. The crowd sang so loudly behind me that I couldn't help but sing along too. The lights flashed a bright blue and red leading up to the drop and before I knew it flames spewed from the stage immersing the entire venue with an orange glow. 
The rest of the show was just as intense with flames and smoke covering the entire stage, lasers shooting in every direction, and graphics that would make anyone trip out. This show was not like any other concert, but what EDM show is? It’s an entire experience that will take you through just about every single emotion you could think of. Slowing it down with songs like Good Things Fall Apart and With All My Heart, then making you want to rage and head bang to Nothing Ever After, a song with Motionless In White. 
I appreciate Illenium for his ability to please every kind of EDM fan. His range of music is so inclusive that anyone who likes the genre, loves at least a couple of Illenium songs. I think he might be the only artist that can get away with playing Taylor Swift and Halsey remixes and then following them up with songs that feature Excision and Motionless In White. With that being said, if you have the chance to see the Illenium Live Tour in your city, don't make the same mistake I did at Freaky Deaky, GO TO THE SHOW!

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