By: Jon Harrison
On a cool Friday night, Beach Fossils rolled through Warehouse Live after a tour run with Post Malone over the summer. The New York City band is certainly no stranger to Houston, having played many times at Satellite Bar with an always-energetic fanbase that has followed them each time. The quartet, featuring frontman Dustin Payseur, bassist Jack Doyle, guitarist Tommy Davidson, and drummer Anton Hochheim, has been a constant force in indie music circles since the early twenty-teens. Having put out four albums since 2010, with the fourth being the recently released Bunny, Beach Fossils has maintained relevancy while also growing in sound with each record that they’ve put out.
The set list consisted of fan favorites and well-known hits that put the band on the map, such as Sleep Apnea, This Year, and Adversity, as well as newer songs like Don’t Fade Away and Dare Me. After seeing the band play on small stages and now performing at a venue like Warehouse Live, they still jam on stage like they’ve done so many times before. The atmosphere was incredibly fun to see. Families, groups of friends starting mosh pits, and people just taking in the music (with a lot of smoke in the air).
Beach Fossils delivered an enjoyable show. Their music sounded and felt as good as it did since the first time I saw them perform; it was a watershed moment for this loyal fan. I look forward to seeing what comes next from Beach Fossils and the projects they release in the future.

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