By: Daniel Restrepo
After months on tour, and 22 months since his last appearance in Houston, Madeon took on the stage at House of Blues and delivered an amazing ending to his Good Faith Forever live show. As a fan of Madeon, it’s been a pleasure to watch him evolve an artist. The Good Faith Forever live show is a mix of songs off his upcoming album Good Faith as well as the Adventure era. Although Good Faith consists of  indie-pop sounds melded with electronic undertones, the live show features a dark and ominous element to it. With an imperialistic theme contrasting against the upbeat music and technicolor graphics, it’s the perfect storm for an exciting show.
After vibing out with the opening sets, it was finally time for a hearty dose of Good Faith. Anticipation built as the crowd chanted “MADEON” at the top of their lungs eagerly waiting his arrival on stage. When the anticipation and excitement was built up as high as possible, it was Madeon’s cue to hit the stage. A screen vibrantly flashed “GOOD FAITH”, he hopped on stage, and the crowd went wild as everyone sang along to All My Friends live rendition. This song is one of my favorites off the new album; Madeon created it to be a fun, upbeat pop track, and it ultimately became an anthem the past few months.
Madeon did an amazing job of catering to fans’ nostalgia by playing songs from the 2019 Adventure era. He did this by throwing in tracks such as Pay No Mind, Imperium, and the infamous Shelter with long-time friend and collaborator Porter Robinson to name a few. These songs all tell a coming-of-age story of his youth, while Good Faith proves he’s grown up, survived, and thrived over the past four years.
Madeon continued to mix songs from Good Faith throughout his live performance, with the most beautiful and colorful visuals being displayed behind him throughout the show. These visuals were some of the most stunning and vivid ones I’ve seen out of all EDM shows I’ve been to. From fascinating waves of rainbows and beyond, each song had its own unique visual elements and set of colors to go along with it, all collectively adding up to a visceral experience.
Some captivating moments from the night were when Madeon dropped Shelter not once, but twice, even coming back for an encore to play it again for the finale. He also played Nirvana and mashed it up with Mania the same way they play into each other on the album, which is such a truly graceful transition. Before making his return on stage for the encore, Madeon performed Miracle and sang his own vocals to the crowd all  while multicolored lights and images flashed vividly before everyone in attendance. It felt truly special to be in that moment with him, as you could hear the passion in his voice and giddiness in his excitement as he constantly thanked the crowd for living in the moment with him.
Madeon really has found his sound and was beyond ready to share it with the world. A show that was nearly  four years in the making, you could hear and feel the relief that Madeon has that we can finally listen to his new music, his story, and understand where his mindset has been over the whole duration of the Good Faith. This truly is the era of Good Faith Forever.

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