By: Michael Perea
My Chemical Romance brought the Reunion Tour to Houston and it was a show that should not have been missed.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the show had to be postponed a few times, but that did not stop Houston from getting the experience they wanted the day of the show. Fans were outside waiting for hours getting early merch, taking pictures with the marquee in their amazing outfits and waiting in line to be as close as possible to the barricade, it shows how dedicated they are to see their favorite band. Once doors opened, fans cheered in excitement and made their way inside the venue to their seats. The show had two openers, Midtown and Devil Master, both of these artists did an amazing job at hyping up the crowd, you could even see some fans in the crowd singing every word of their songs, it was a great way to start the night
It was finally time for My Chemical Romance to perform, the lights dimmed across the venue, fog surrounded the stage, and slowly the band members started taking the stage. The band opened with The Foundations of Decay and immediately the crowd joined them singing in unison. The band then continued to sing songs like my personal favorite I’m Not Okay (I Promise) and Give ’Em Hell, Kid. Lead singer, Gerard Way then took a moment to thank all the fans for coming out to the show after the postponements, he wanted everyone to have a great and safe time. He encouraged fans in the pit to take a few steps back to give everyone room to breathe and have fun. It was something I really admired, security was also constantly passing out water bottles to fans so they could stay hydrated, it shows how much the band really cares about their fanbase.
One of the great things about the My Chemical Romance shows has been that the setlist is constantly changing. For the Houston show they played a wide variety of songs from their entire discography such as The Ghost of YouOur Lady of Sorrows and Boy Division. A reunion tour would not be a reunion tour without the hit singles. As soon as the intro for Welcome To The Black Parade played, the fans screamed and gave the loudest scream of excitement, the song is a classic that everyone knows by heart, and seeing it being performed live was honestly life changing.
TeenagersMama and Na Na Na were all played back to back, you could hear fans get louder and louder with each song, showing how timeless these fan favorites are.
The band thanked everyone for coming out to the show and performed Famous Last Words as their “finale”, they exited the stage and the crowd cheered “encore” wanting the band to keep going. After a few minutes of cheers, the band came back and performed two final songs, Vampires Will Never Hurt You and ended the night with Helena, it was an amazing moment seeing the band and fans sing “so long, and goodnight” as the final song of the night. If My Chemical Romance comes to a city near you please make sure to attend, it’s a show you will never forget!

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