By: Destiny Arredondo
On October 3rd, 2022, the long awaiting rock fans finally got the show they had been yearning for. 
Bring Me The Horizon brought their 2022 tour to Houston, TX with three very special guests by the names of SiiickBrain, Grandson, and Knocked Loose. With such an amazing lineup ahead, you can imagine why fans were so excited for the show. 
SiiickBrain, kicked off the night with her song Overdrive off her record Ashtray for Your Agony. As soon as she came on stage the crowd matched her massive energy. Fans were jumping and shouting the whole time that she was on stage. She finished off her set with her song I’m Sick from the same record. When performing this song she had interaction by asking the crowd to shout "SICK" after she said "I’M", therefore saying the title of the song as a whole. She said her goodbyes and quickly got off the stage as the fans were still cheering. 
After a couple minutes of setting up, the next guest came on stage, Grandson. The venue roared with anticipation as he came running onto the stage where his microphone stand was. 
He started off with his song 6:00 from his 2018 EP a modern tragedy vol. 1. You could tell the artist had many fans in the crowd since many of them were chanting the words to the song perfectly. Grandson showed off his astonishing stage presence as he jumped and ran across the stage trying to greet all of the fans around the venue. Once the song was over he took a quick moment to address his fans all around the venue, saying “Houston! Are you ready?” then immediately jumped into the next song. 
Riptide, a song from his latest record, blasted through the speakers and the crowd only got louder and more electrified. Fans began to prepare for the chorus of the song by opening mosh pits in the crowd and then jumping into them when the drop happened. You could tell that the energy was quickly rising as fans also started to crowd surf throughout the venue. Grandson encouraged this by jumping along with them and throwing water into the crowd. It was hard to keep up with everything going on as there were so many different actions happening. The strobes only added to the overall show, bright white lights flashed every couple seconds to the beat of the songs. The last song of his set was his hit song Blood//Water where he even went into the crowd and crowd surfed! Grandson certainly set the bar high for the following performers. 
I am not exaggerating when I say that Grandson is one of the best performers I have seen this year. As I mentioned before, his stage presence is so prominent it’s hard to not admire. If you are looking for a fun and exciting night I would definitely check this performer out.

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