By: Brenna Mata
This past Saturday night we were treated to a remarkable sold out show from the insanely talented Andrew Hozier-Byrne. His new record, Wasteland, Baby!, has proven to not only be an elegant piece of work in your earbuds, but also ten times greater when seen live in concert. Opening up with a new song titled Would That I, fans couldn’t have been more thrilled to hear his astounding voice once again and sang word for word of the setlist. 
Hozier was accompanied by other talented musicians such as guitarists, pianists, a bassist and drummer that truly brought his lustrous sounds to life. Andrew himself also strummed an electric and acoustic guitar during the show which he made seem extremely flawless. 
Some fan favorite songs through out the evening were MovementDinner & DiatribesCherry Wine and none other than his chart-topping single Take Me to Church that everyone screamed at the top of their lungs. The entire concert felt like a whole other world, a world full of Hozier that I'd love to experience again. 

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