By: Marti Mendoza
Since the release of Dean Lewis’ single Be Alright, he has blown up in fame internationally. I have personally also fallen in love with him after hearing this song, which then made me listen to his other music as well. His first full-length album and tour name A Place We Knew is filled with great songs from front to back.
On October 14th, the Australian singer-songwriter took stage at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX in front of a sold out crowd. Opening up for him was Scott Helman, a singer- songwriter from Toronto. Helman had a great set alongside his drummer and electric guitarist. He performed a few songs from his album Hôtel de Ville such as LifeguardEverything Sucks and finished it off  with fan favorite Bungalow.
The crowd jumped to their feet as Lewis finally came out on stage opening the night with his song Hold of Me. He continued his great set playing through all the songs off his record such as Stay Awake and Chemicals. He slowed things down as he got on the keyboard for Half A Man.
Lewis’ vocals are fantastic and sound just like the record. The sold out crowd was captivated and drawn to the show the entire night, singing and grooving along to Lewis’ songs. A stand out moment was when he sang his hit single Be Alright as everyone sung back each word to the heartbreaking song. Another great moment was when Lewis covered a hit by The Killers called When You Were Young. His version of the song sounded awesome.
For the encore, Lewis came out singing a couple more songs including Straight Back Down and another crowd favorite to close the night out with Waves. Lewis’ fame and success is just beginning with his breakthrough single and great record. I am excited for what is next to come!

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