By: Marti Mendoza
A sold out crowd was packed in Warehouse Live in Houston, TX on April 12th to see The Band CAMINO, along with opening acts flor and Hastings.
Right as the doors opened at 6PM, people were already lined out the door waiting to get inside to grab the best spots in the venue. The crowd started to trickle in and were eagerly waiting for the show to start. Hastings opened up the night with a few of his hits, such as Blank Me and Chapstick. There’s definitely a bright future ahead for this artist.
After a quick break, indie band flor took the stage. Everyone was jumping along as lead singer Zach Grace brought the energy, coming out in sunglasses and his signature long red hair. The audience was hyped. They played a mix of fan favorites, including hold on and back again, with a few of their new releases, such as Skate and Big Shot.
The crowd was now ready for the main act of the night. Warehouse Live was packed all the way to the back waiting for The Band CAMINO to take stage. It’s been two years since their last time in Houston, so after a long break from touring, the band and audience were ecstatic about concerts being back.
Opening the night with Know It All, the crowd was loud. The next song was Roses, where a few fans threw actual roses onto the stage.
Lead vocalist Jeffery Jordan had just needed to cancel a show a couple nights before in Arizona due to needing to rest his vocal cords, but this was not evident at the show in Houston. He sounded back to normal and will hopefully ride out the rest of the tour healthy.
Jordan was switching back and forth on lead vocals with guitarist and vocalist Spencer Stewart throughout the whole show. Stewart was sounding better than ever tonight.
Keeping on going through the setlist, they sang older favorites, such as Less Than I Do2/14, and Know Me. Hit after hit, the crowd were all jumping along with their hands in the air. More songs were sung, including Just A PhaseCalifornia, and What I Want.
Towards the end of the show, Jordan took off his shirt, which got a roar from the audience, as he finished the rest of the show without it. The show ended without an encore as The Band CAMINO just walked off stage after their last two songs, which were 1 Last Cigarette and Daphne Blue.
If you haven’t yet seen these acts live in concert, you need to! In the meantime, listen to their music wherever you listen to music and follow their social accounts to keep up with all the latest.

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