By: Marti Mendoza
Dean Lewis, along with Forest Blakk, took a stop at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX on June 17th, 2022. It was a perfect Friday night with an amazing crowd.
Singer-songwriter Forest Blakk opened up the night with a great set that got the audience feeling all the romantic feels. He gives off such good vibes that radiate across the room. Blakk dedicated one of his songs to a couple in the crowd celebrating 17 years together. There is no doubt he will have continued success and will keep adding to his repertoire to add to hit songs, Fall Into Me and If You Love Her.
Eagerly waiting for Dean Lewis to come out on stage, the crowd erupted in cheer when the lights went out and Lewis walked up to the microphone. He started off his set with Falling UpStay Awake, and 7 Minutes.
Before each song, Lewis gives a background story to how and where the songs come about. It is nice to hear the inspiration behind his great songwriting and learn about his crazy life and past relationships.
During the show, Lewis acknowledged how this may be the smallest room they have played on tour, but one of the loudest crowds he has heard. There were times where the audience singing might just have been louder than Lewis. The crowd knew every word to each song and was no doubt enjoying themselves. Lewis was giving his signature hand hearts throughout the show, and the fans were loving it.
Lewis continued with more hits, such as, ChemicalsStraight Back Down, and Half A Man. He talked about how he wishes Half A Man should have been a single that would have done well on radio, but his people were saying it was too slow. Still, it is definitely one of his fan favorites.
Many of his songs are sad breakup songs, but one song specifically, he talked about how it is about to get very depressing in the room. It is a new song he wrote about his dad who battled cancer a few years ago. This one is titled How Do I Say Goodbye, and we need a studio version of this soon. Last couple songs of his setlist were current single, Hurtless and his biggest hit that changed his entire career, Be Alright.
Lewis walked off the stage as the crowd cheered for an encore. After a few short minutes, Lewis and his band come back out for two more songs to end the night. The first is Amy Shark cover he had on his debut EP, Adore and another big hit, Waves. This was the perfect song to end the show as everyone was singing and dancing along.
Take a listen to some Dean Lewis if you haven’t yet, and catch him on tour if you get a chance!

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