By: Jesus Verastegui
The Secret Group brought a total of five bands on stage Thursday night which included Oh Sleeper, Thousand Bellow, Bloodline, Lost In Separation, and the headlining critically acclaimed band Bad Omens. Together, the bands almost brought down the venue with crazy energy, and tons of mosh pitting, making it a remarkable night for all the fans.
With each of the openers performing more than a couple songs each set, the performances that lead up to the main event of the night were just as impressive as the headliner. Most notably, Fort Worth natives Oh Sleeper brought an energy that was hard to match and paired it along with rapidly flashing colorful strobe lights, which created an insane atmosphere for the madness happening in the crowd. After their performance, the audience was more than warmed for the openers Bad Omens as the band hit the stage to give Houston the show it had been waiting for. 
Led by lead singer Noah Sebastian, guitarist Nicholas Ruffilo, guitarist Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson, and drummer Nick Folio, Bad Omen’s metalcore sound rocked the venue to its limits. With nonstop mosh pitting and head banging, the crowd was wild and electrified. The band played many songs from their most recent album Finding God Before God Finds Me, which is a perfect mixture of heavy and soft songs, and even performed the song Never Know for the first time on tour. Bad Omens later played the heaviest song on the album, Dethrone which is definitely one of my favorites as it gets your adrenaline going and makes you want to find the nearest mosh pit to jump into. It was very satisfying to hear that the band was even better live especially when they performed many songs from previous works, which the crowd loved.
With the night coming to an end, there was no doubt everyone in the venue had a great time. Personally, this was one of my favorite metal shows I have been to and look forward to seeing many of these bands again in the future. Overall, Bad Omens and all of the accompanying openers made Thursday night a night to remember with their off the wall energy, hellish atmosphere, and excellent performances.

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