By: Ben Soderberg
Orville Peck is an outstanding queer country artist that recently played at White Oak Music Hall on September 30th, 2019. He took the stage in a completely custom painted and bedazzled suit, a cowboy hat and boots, and a fantastic fringed leather mask that covered his face. His powerful voice made up for his face being covered throughout his performance, and each fan sang right along with him. 
He brought about an atmosphere of peace and acceptance by reminding the crowd that we were all there to experience great music no matter what differences may set us apart. Each song he played held many meanings throughout the crowd, and it was apparent that his fans are extremely dedicated to him and his music. He mixes many older aspects of country music with new concepts, and many of his songs are focused on the feeling of falling in and out of love with men. 
He is a fantastic artist to look up to, and his shows are truly inspiring! Seeing him sing about subjects that are still uncommon to most modern artists gives off great feelings of hope for the future of music. 
He recently released his debut album Pony this year and is currently on a world tour. I highly suggest you see him play to experience a show like no other!

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