By: Kayla Middleton
Nat and Alex Wolff rocked the stage at the Bronze Peacock on January 28th as the brother duo delivered an unforgettable show for their fans. Known for their start on the Nickelodeon hit television series, The Naked Brothers Band, the two have grown and evolved their sound to the pop-folk-alternative sound that their audience is addicted to today. The duo rocked the stage, and their energy sent waves through the crowd that had the House of Blues electrified and hooked the attendees from start to finish.
The night kicked off with Head’s On Loose and If I’m Gonna Die from their most recent album, Table for Two. The crowd danced along to the lyrics as Nat and Alex seamlessly moved into Note. What immediately stood out to me was the constant movement onstage between the brothers and their bandmates from instrument to instrument. For some songs, Alex took to the piano to play while Nat hammered away on the drums. Then, the next song would consist of Nat playing the piano while Alex captured listeners with the guitar. I, along with the audience, were in awe of how skilled they were. The crowd danced the night away to songs such as All Over You and 25. A sweet and standout moment in the show was Alex bringing his girlfriend Rozzi on stage to perform Lucky You together.
Screams of excitement filled the air as the brothers announced the next song would be a huge throwback. They played their Naked Brothers Band sensation If That’s Not Love, and the crowd was ecstatic to be transported back in time by the throwback jam. Fans swayed along to San Francisco, where the lyrics were changed to "I’ve got nothing on you, Houston", placing a special twist on the song for their remarkable night here in the city. 
Nat and Alex continued to pour their hearts out on stage with songs such as All My Plans (Shake), a song dedicated to their father’s battle with cancer. With each song, they performed with such emotion and conviction that it was one moving display after the next. As the night came to a close, the boys produced a very fun encore for the fans. They began with Tenderly, then transitioned into another throwback song, I Indeed Can See. For this song, they invited four fans to join them on stage to sing along. The night closed with Thump Thump Thump and Glue as Nat and Alex took their final bow. The intimate and spontaneous nature of this concert made for an experience that will resonate with fans for years to come.

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