By: Destiny Gonzalez
Cigarettes After Sex hit the stage at 713 Music Hall, creating an ethereal musical experience. The band, known for their dark undertones and “heavenly” sounds, created an atmosphere that was as chill as it was captivating. The unspoken dress code of black attire set the tone for the overall mood of the night.
The setlist was a fan’s dream come true, featuring hits like CrySweetHeavenlyK., and the TikTok sensation Apocalypse. The crowd swayed and sang along to every song, united by their love for the band’s artistry.
Despite the simple stage setup of a black curtain and three spotlights, you could tell the focus was entirely on the music. One of the most memorable moments of the night was looking around at the fans with their eyes closed, lost in a trance created by the band.
The passionate fans in attendance added to the essence of the show, making it an enjoyable and immersive experience. If you’re in search of a concert that’s all about the music and the pure artistry behind it, catching Cigarettes After Sex live is a must.

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