By: Destiny Arredondo
On June 1st, 2024, Maggie Rogers performed at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, TX, and it was one of the best shows I've seen in a while. As a regular concertgoer, I was blown away by her talent. Touring her latest album, Don't Forget Me, Maggie's performance was a perfect blend of emotion and energy, showcasing why she's such a standout singer-songwriter.
For this tour, Maggie was accompanied by indie band The Japanese House, who performed their own set of beautifully written songs. With a full band on stage, the singer, Amber Bain, delivered an amazing performance. The songs performed included Sad to Breathe, Touching Yourself, and Something Has to Change. The band closed their set with Sunshine Baby off their last record, In the End It Always Does, and the fans cheered for them as they walked off the stage. 
The crew began setting up the stage for Maggie Rogers, the headliner of the night. The stage featured multiple platforms, almost forming a staircase up to the main platform in the center, where Maggie would soon appear. This setup was perfect, allowing the audience to fully see the band play from all angles without any obstructions. The band was impressive, featuring not only the basic instruments like guitar, drums, and piano but also more complex ones like congas and bongos. 
The choice of venue was spot-on. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion served as the perfect backdrop for Maggie's outstanding performance. The acoustics were great, and the staff was attentive, even providing fans to cool us down since the show was outdoors. Every detail contributed to an incredible experience. I can't think of a better venue for a show of this caliber.
Maggie came up through the farthest and highest platform on stage, and the fans immediately pulled out their phones to record. She opened the night with It Was Coming All Along, the first song on her latest record, Don't Forget Me. As she descended the stairs, a warm spotlight shone on her, adding to the ambiance of the stage setup. She didn't stay still for a moment, dancing, prancing, and running around the stage, sharing her joy with all of her fans. Her energy encouraged many in the audience to let loose and dance along to her songs. It was a beautiful experience to feel so connected to an artist performing on stage. 
As she continued her set, she had a section in her show that felt very special. During her song Love You For A Long Time, she had a kiss cam displayed on the big screens by the stage. Many fans were shown on the screens kissing their significant others. This form of interaction is so heartwarming to see because it shows how creative and considerate Maggie was for including such an act in her show. 
Another highlight of the night was when she performed Light On, which was a regular performance up until the end of the song. As the instruments built up the excitement, Maggie turned around on stage to face a camera that was facing towards the crowd. This meant that on the screens, not only was Maggie being displayed, but the entire audience was shown as well. This made the fans go crazy as the song hit its climax. Everybody put their phone lights up, and the venue had then been transformed into a beautiful landscape. Adorned with many phone lights, it now looked like a night sky, with the audience as the stars. 
It’s safe to say that Rogers has just gained a new fan. It’s very rare that I am genuinely blown away at a concert, but I can most definitely say that this was the case for this show. I would even consider traveling to catch such a show, which is why I would recommend a Maggie Rogers show to anyone. If she is coming to your city, make sure to catch the show, as it is a spectacle that will leave you speechless.

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