By: Ben Soderberg
Ashton D. Simmons is a 24 year old singer from Oshawa, Canada that works under the title Daniel Caesar. He recently made his 23rd stop on his Case Study 01 tour in Houston at Revention Music Center on September 4th, 2019. 
It was kind of an amusing scene as Simmons walked casually onto the stage as the crowd lost their minds. He had a cool, calm demeanor about him that drove his fans wild. They ate up every bit of emotion that he gave out as his set began. He made sure to cover every inch of the stage and set a strong presence up in front of everyone. 
Simmons played a fantastic show which was met with incredibly joyful fans. He currently has two full-length albums out as well as several singles and EPs. His Case Study 01 tour is covering most of the US and some of Canada, and it is worth it to see him play! 

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