By: Brenna Mata
Bazzi is no stranger to melting hearts and wooing audiences when he graces his presence on stage. The viral pop singer from Michigan is currently touring for his third studio album Infinite Dream, a 19-track record that introduces a new layer of depth to his sound: magic. 
It was quite the spectacle that Bazzi did not have an opening act (there was a DJ, does that count?). As soon as he dropped the curtains to unveil a dream-like stage set up with flowers and a twin size bed, I knew instantly that no opening act was needed for this glistening pop star. Rocking his own tour merch and a cozy beanie for the (very rare) windy Texas weather, Bazzi went full force hyping up the crowd with Lost in the Simulation. Fans bursted into excitement as he made his long awaited return to Houston since the Cosmic Tour in 2018 at east downtown’s Warehouse Live. 
With it only being the second night of tour, Bazzi himself radiated that same energy back to his dedicated fans, smiling amidst playful setlist songs I Like ThatOnly Fan and I.F.L.Y. The House of Blues was echoing of fans belting out every lyric from the front row all the way to the top of the balcony. You simply couldn’t fight the catchiness of Bazzi’s killer pop melodies. 
The evening ended with his radio-topping singles Mine and Beautiful, both songs that took us back in time to 2018 when he first started making waves in the music industry. Bazzi took his guitar and followed down center stage to sit on the edge, making the medley similar to that of a campfire sing-a-long with friends.

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