By: Jon Harrison
For many, seeing British punk band IDLES in Houston had been a long time coming. For others that have beared witness to seeing them live, it was indescribable excitement for what was to come. Their sound mirrors angry and passionate tones, acting as resistance to oppression and social violence. Majority of the music comes from the life experiences and perspective of frontman Joe Talbot, with music covering his views on equality, mental health, and loved ones. Their newest album, TANGK, was released earlier this year and saw the band take more of an experimental route while still maintaining their signature 'in your face' edge that has made them stand out from other UK bands.
The show would start with IDEA 01, followed by Colossus, which felt like a big build-up to what I could best describe as a chaotic fun party. The band performed well-known hits like I’m Scum, Mr. Motivator, and Never Fight a Man With a Perm, as well as deep cuts like Mother. The entire show had unexpected and crazy moments, yet all of it was vert much part of the culture that IDLES aims for, and I loved every moment of it. To end the evening, the band played Rottweiler. The song came with a very powerful “Cease Fire Now” chant that resonated deeply with the crowd.
This was a show that truly gave me goosebumps. You don’t often get a raw performance that comes through so vividly with the band's music and their electric crowd. I definitely found myself having a bittersweet moment that the performance was so incredible, yet it had to come to an end. For the people that have not seen IDLES yet, do what you can to see this band in all its glory, because you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

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