By: Jon Harrison
Foxing is a band that has been a constant amongst twenty-teen emo music lovers since their debut album, Albatross, in 2013. Since then, they’ve gone on to release three more albums and maintain a fanbase that has gone from teens to working adults over the years. Still, the love for the band and their music remains strong to this day. With the upcoming tour of the aforementioned Albatross, it will be a celebration of ten years since its release. It had been a very long time since the St. Louis quartet had been in Houston, yet finally they would be playing at White Oak Music Hall with many eager fans ready to listen.
The show would jump right into the album, starting out with Bloodhound and eventually to the fan favorite, The Medic. The raw emotion of the crowd was so overwhelmingly big inside White Oak Music Hall that you couldn’t help but want to be part of it. Things would move along with the rest of the album being played, moving into more songs from the band’s discography, like Grand Paradise and Nearer My God, which would close out the set.
What I loved most about Foxing’s set was that it brought me back to my teens and the angst I felt back then, with people in the audience feeling those same emotions. It's cool to know that ten years plus can go by and the same love for music, albums, and bands can remain as strong as it was in the very beginning, with the appreciation becoming bigger with age.

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