Photos: Brenna Mata + Review: Adrienne Rodriguez
Houston gave a warm welcome to Los Angeles native Iyla on her first headline tour, The Flowers Tour. Witnessing her fans chanting her name before the show even began, you couldn’t help but to have high expectations for this upcoming artist, and she did not disappoint.
She came on the stage ready to shine, performing a long side her friend and producer, the natural flow and interaction with the crowd was a sight to see. She started off with songs from her EP War + Raindrops, with Flowers being an ultimate crowd favorite, she had the whole room vibing with her smooth vocals and compelling attitude contributing to the lyrics. Songs from her album, OTHER WAYS TO VENT, you find yourself relating to at least one of them. Whether it be the hard truth about love with Tattoo Tears, the reality of people’s mindsets with Cash Rules, and the power of self love and acceptance with Naked Girl
Iyla knows how to draw a crowd in, she is raw with her self expression, and does not sugar coat the reality of certain situations. Being so young she showcases the highs and lows of entering adulthood in a way that gives a different outlook that becomes positive and uplifting. She proves she can take anything that is thrown at her and make it beautiful. 
The melodies sound like spoken word poetry that are so powerful with high notes that are out of this world. Her message within her music clearly conveyed you can be whoever you want to be, don’t give up on your dreams, and to love yourself and love others. You left the show at peace, inspired, and just more love for life. Miss Iyla has just started and we are excited to see what the future holds for her.

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