By: Destiny Arredondo
The line for House of Blues was so long it looped around the building floors multiple times. The fans were eager to see MUNA and Meet Me @ The Altar tonight.
The venue was quickly filling up and merch lines started to form. The fans arranged themselves and patiently waited for the show to begin. As the lights dimmed the crowd started chanting and shouting out of excitement. 
Téa, the guitarist, and Ada, the drummer, came running onto the stage as the lights shined on them. Finally the lead singer, Edith, and her signature hair came onto the stage to start the show off. 
The set started off with their lead single Say It (To My Face) and fans started head banging along with the lead singer. The show was going amazing and the crowd was very inviting to their energy. Edith took a second to explain why her voice might have sounded substandard as she had been struggling with the usual difficult notes she so effortlessly can reach. She explained that she had been feeling a little sick recently and that it had affected her voice a bit. Then she went on to continue performing. 
During the middle of their set, they sat for an acoustic version of their song Garden. Before they started performing, Edith went on to explain how the band was formed. She went on to explain that she auditioned (with the song All I Wanted by Paramore) for the band and initially didn’t get the role because the drummer, Ada, picked someone else. Eventually, after much “bothering” as Edith said, Ada “caved in” and gave the much wanted and earned position to Edith. Afterwards, they proceeded  to extend their gratitude for MUNA (the headliner) and said things like “I am in LOVE with MUNA,” which the crowd obviously agreed and related to. They started to chant “MUNA” over and over to get the crowd hyped for the headliner of the night. 
As their set was coming to an end, Edith went on to introduce their last song of the night, Kool, “spelled with a K” as she said. The song was full of enthusiasm and left the crowd feeling good. 
Meet Me @ The Altar set the night up for a great time. 

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