By: Brenna Mata
5 Seconds of Summer, also known as 5SOS (pronounced five sauce), are a four-piece Australian band has officially made a name for themselves in music since being introduced into the spotlight in 2013. If you’re a fan that’s been listening to them since the beginning, you’ll understand how insanely talented each member is and how their sound has matured as they’ve gotten older. These are the kinds of diehard fans that filled up the Toyota Center on Saturday evening, even starting a general admission queue as early as 4:00AM that morning. Most people would define that as insane and over the top, however, I find this to be the highest form of dedication. 
Sure enough, the amount of hours these fans waited ended at precisely 7:35PM. when the lights cut out in the arena and we were all greeted with the band’s first hit single She Looks So Perfect. As soon as lead singer Luke Hemmings stepped foot in his centerstage spot wearing his shiny black leather pants, the fans surrounding me had never sounded more stoked than in that moment. There were endless guitar solos from Luke and guitarist Michael Clifford, especially towards the end of their song More where they transition effortlessly into one of their newest single’s Easier
Being able to photograph 5SOS up close allowed for me to really see how passionate this band is for their music. Each member gave their 110% effort as if it were the last show they would ever play. The bassist, Calum Hood, displayed the true image of a rockstar. Although hard to hear at times unless you're really paying attention, his bass skills are unmatched. Even drummer Ashton Irwin brought out all the hi-hats and kicks. By the time they were performing their second song, Ashton was already sweating as if he had just finished the set. 
Some fan favorite songs of the evening included the heart wrenching Amnesia from their first album which was performed acoustically, giving the audience a taste of nostalgia. Valentine from their 2018 album Youngblood encapsulates what 5SOS describe as “the ultimate Valentine’s Day mood” and Luke, Michael, and Calum sang this in the most desirable tones. They also received an energy-filled reaction to their current top 40 hit Teeth that has established their new grungy rock ’n roll sound. 
The music this band makes has heavily transitioned overtime, which is why fans have still stuck around. We’ve been growing up with them since our early teenager years and now young adults. They’ve gone from singing verses like “Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, and tell me that I’ll see you again” to “I love you so much that I hate you right now, it’s so hard to blame you ‘cause you’re so damn beautiful”. From the lyrics to the production in their songs, 5SOS are undeniably one of the greatest bands in the industry right now. Their performances are the cherry on top of all the greatness, and that is why I’m a fan for life and will never miss a show if they’re around. 
Be on the lookout for their newest album that is anticipated to be released in the early months of next year. You should also expect a fun-filled tour to follow as well. Do not miss out on the experience that they give at every concert!

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