By: Brenna Mata
The Toyota Center turned into a full-on rave Saturday night thanks to the EDM pop sensation The Chainsmokers. There were so many new experiences I had never seen at a show before, such as when their drummer Matt McGuire killed his drum solo mid show whilst his drumsticks were on fire! Talk about intensity. The crowd even witnessed producer and lead vocalist Drew Taggart perform in a huge metal cage and fly above the crowd on a mini catwalk platform. 
Aside from all those tricks they pulled out their sleeves, the music they create is undeniably catchy, especially when you’re there in person to hear them play the songs live. Their countless top 40 hit records prove even more that there’s just something special when they make tracks. 
Throughout the evening, Drew was maneuvering all around the stage making sure every person in the arena was having the time of their lives and embracing the crazed fans around him in the general admission pit. And yes, the beat drops were indeed lit. Every drop was accompanied by either a blast of fires, pyrotechnic fumes or an insane laser light show.
Fan favorite songs included hits like Don’t Let Me Down, Paris, and their final song Closer, all of which gave a sentimental yet powerful feeling through Drew and Alex Pall’s stunning presence. We were even treated to one of their newest songs in collaboration with 5 Seconds of Summer called Who Do You Love which really was the cherry on top of both of their sets. 
The most euphoric song of the evening was their platinum-selling song with Coldplay titled Something Just Like This that had everyone in the building off their feet, jumping with joy. From the electric synthesizers to the electric guitar solo at the end of the song it felt like I transported to another time and place where everything in life was beautiful. 
Drew Taggart and Alex Pall aren’t your average duo, which the world has fully recognized. To those who haven’t been able to attend a Chainsmokers show, make sure to do it before it’s too late. Their World War Joy Tour is only half way done with its run so there is still time to catch them in concert!

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