By: Marti Mendoza
What a night it was on the lawn at White Oak Music Hall last Saturday, July 31st. Amidst the Texas heat, thousands of Jason Mraz fans danced the night away to all the positivity Mraz brought with him. Before Mraz took the stage, Grammy-nominated soul blues band from Memphis, Tennessee, Southern Avenue, warmed the audience up and had a great set to start the night off.
As the sun went down, everyone was excitedly waiting for the main act. Being just the second stop of the Look for the Good Live! Summer Tour, there were no signs of rust with Mraz. Coming out in his signature fedora and what he said he’s only done one other time, which is wear shorts at a show. The other time was in Brazil.
Opening the night with the title track of his album and also the name of the tour, everyone had a smile on their face and were up on their feet. This most likely being a good number of the audience’s first concert back since the pandemic began, including mine, seeing Jason Mraz is a great start.
Continuing on the night with a mix of oldies and new songs, I felt like I was at the beach with a pineapple smoothie in hand, jamming along to good vibes all night long. Mraz phrased it himself that we would be feeling tropical vibes throughout the night.
Back to back classics with Make It Mine and Lucky had the crowd singing along as Mraz danced back and forth across the stage. He also interacted with the fans quite a bit. One instance when noticing a major fan knew all the words to all the songs he has sung so far. With Mraz’s long and successful career, he has quite the discography of songs under his belt and is very grateful for those that’s been there since the early days.
Mraz goes on with newer tracks, Wise WomanBe Where Your Feet Are, and also covered Bill Withers’ classic, Lovely Day and Sade’s No Ordinary Love. Before playing The Remedy (I Won’t Worry), Mraz said that this was one of the first songs that changed how he looked at life.
Slowing down the night with one of his biggest hits I Won’t Give Up and also closing the set before the encore with Gratitude. Mraz lists all the things to be grateful for in this song, such as teachers, parents, fur friends, good health, music, and more. Such positive vibes were felt the whole night with much of Mraz’s songs emphasizing on love, unity, happiness, and “looking for the good in everything.”
The world would be an even better place with more people with the mindset that Mraz spreads to his fans and all the people. Back from his encore, a great end to the night with two more songs and closing it with Have It All. A bow from Mraz and his incredible band, they all put on a great performance. This was such an awesome summer show.
If you haven’t seen Mraz in concert, don’t miss out when you get the chance. We’re excited to see what else he has in store in the future. Don’t forget to spread goodness to everyone around you!

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