By: Jon Harrison
The Walters are a remarkable story of how social media can bring a band to prominence after years of being on their grind. Though the band had previously broken up in 2017, during the pandemic, their song I Love You So would gave them a TikTok hit that started a reunion in 2021. The Chicago band has now brought their talent to Houston, and it would be the first time I’d get to (eagerly) see a live performance of theirs
The concert would feature trademark music from the band, like New Girl and Hunk Beach, while also featuring newer tunes. Another cool footnote from the evening was that it was guitarist Walter Kosner’s birthday which made for a sentimental show. What also stood out was the energy that frontman Luke Olson was giving the audience. From his strong vocals to constant dancing and interaction with the crowd, his energy was infectious to the crowd.
This show was fun in many ways, with the atmosphere and music marching all throughout the night. I look forward to hearing more music from The Walters, as well as seeing a live show of theirs again.

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