By: Jon Harrison
Kid Bloom made his return to Houston after a year and also released an EP to boot. The last tour, which took place at White Oak Music Hall, was a memorable show for the intimacy. This time around, the show took place at House of Blues in the Bronze Peacock room to a nearly full-capacity crowd.
The set would consist of tracks from Highway, A Long Kiss Goodnight, and the recent EP Inner Light, which felt perfectly blended into the set. Although this set was not as much of a family affair as the last, it was still filled with energy from their previous show, with tracks like Backseat Driver and Baby, You’re Alright, along with my personal favorite, Different State of Mind. The thing that still stood out, which I remember from the last concert, was how his magnetic personality and showmanship really connected to the crowd through smooth vocals and surfy guitar riffs. This show felt like a continuation of what I had seen last time, sprinkled in with newer tracks, yet the whole set remained strong and cool.
To summarize, Kid Bloom’s sound has continued to impress me even after the first time I saw him and the whole band perform. The whole feel was very Californian in the sense that it made you want to hop in a convertible with the top down while being close to the beach with all the worry-free thoughts you could possibly have. Kid Bloom has managed to go two for two in my eyes with his performances, and down the road, hopefully a third time with newer music to come.

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