By: Loreal Curtis
An R&B artist by the name of Larrenwong opened the show for the 4 Velour Tour and showed so much love to Houston. He performed one of his newer songs called Nights in the Heights which he told us was about a girl he used to talk to that lived in The Heights in Houston. He made sure we knew that he was a true musician by switching out his guitars throughout the set. I know he gained a lot of new fans after giving us a preview of his vocal range and versatility.
This was my first DaniLeigh concert and I was ready for her to put on a show. Prior to the concert, I knew she was going to come with all of the choreography and perform and she DID NOT disappoint. Her set was an array of slow heart felt songs with some higher tempo songs to dance to. She made sure that her day one fans or “Dani Lions” were validated too by playing songs from her first project Summer with Friends.
She was in awe as the crowd was shouting “Dani, Dani, Dani” while she was in mid conversation. Her tour was dedicated to her beloved daughter, Velour, who she misses dearly while touring. She was intentional in showing love to other mothers out there hustling for their families.
If you didn’t know before, you definitely know now that Dani is a performer. She is such a natural and makes all of her choreography look effortless. She kept the audience engaged by having conversations between songs, bringing someone from the audience on stage, and even going out into the crowd to perform. I love how she made everyone at the House of Blues feel so appreciated and loved by all of her interactions.
Dani had an encore performance with her hit song Lil Bebe and genuinely thanked the audience for supporting her. This is an artist who seems to be such a humble and genuine person and I know that’ll take her far in the future.

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