• Charley Crockett at House of Blues (12/15/22)

    By: Joseph Espinoza

    Charley Crockett’s Man from Waco tour came through to Houston at the House of Blues. It was a sold out packed house. Charley and the Blue Drifters came in roaring with a new production and new sound. Sulked in an R&B flavor with traditional country sounds, his music is genre-blending at its finest. It’s a real Texas blend in the music that is coming out of this band from Austin. 

    They played hit songs from his new album like I’m Just a Clown as well as older hits like Jamestown Ferry. Also coming in with more Texas blues like his cover of Travelin’ Blues by T-Bone Walker or going into country heroes like George Jones’ Between My House And Town

    Charley and the band are phenomenal performers and showmen alike. Creating a beautiful environment for music lovers and a distinct dynamic group of people coming out to his shows. Coming out of the show it made me want to go to a few more. The energy was electrifying and cannot be matched.


  • The Greeting Committee at House of Blues (11/17/22)

    By: Jon Harrison

    The Greeting Committee has always been a band that I’ve had a long affinity for, always boasting an easygoing and consistent sound throughout the years despite only having two albums to date. The quartet hailing from Kansas City have just dropped Dandelion, five years after their first album This Is It while giving fans a fair amount of EP’s and singles to hold them over in between. Consisting of original members Addie Sartino, Pierce Turcotte, Noah Spencer and Micah Ritchie, they brought an amazing set full of good vibes, jokes and intimacy that provided a great show.

    The Bronze Peacock at House of Blues had a nice feeling to it as the band took stage with Addie getting the crowd to be lively sing along to tracks like Is This It? and with the upbeat Run For Your Money. From there the crowd was engaged and into the set that felt like it was just blowing by the entire time. Addie wanted the crowd to be closer and intimate while proceeding that everyone get closer and fill in the space. Soon after, Greeting Committee fans would really start to get into it while audibly being louder than before, much to the amazement of the band.

    Eventually we would come the end and this would arguably be the best part of the set where it’s only Addie with Pierce to play a wonderful, laid back acoustic encore. Playing first Ten and a surprise appearance of More, a song they have not played all tour but was a delight to hear. And with that the show was over and the audience gave loud applauses to the two originals with it being much deserved.

    This show, while not extremely packed, filled lots of good energy because the band made it easy to feel uplifted. Hopefully they get more eyes on them with this latest release and new fans discover them in the future.


  • Red Bull’s SoundClash Concert feat. Gary Clark Jr. & Paul Wall

    By: Robyn Tuazon

    The Red Bull SoundClash, a southern showdown as big as Texas. 

    Who doesn’t appreciate a good Versus competition? 713 Music Hall served as the battlegrounds of an epic matchup between two Texas legends. The one and only Gary Clark Jr. representing the Lone Star state capital and Team Austin. Representing for Team Houston, we had, “The People’s Champ” AKA Paul Wall. You alreaddyyy knowww.

    Two stages. Two entirely different sounds. Two icons in their respective genres. All under one roof and packed with the best fans who love and appreciate southern music and all things Texas. Honestly, if you didn’t attend, you missed out. Each artist absolutely killed it.

    One of the highlights for me personally was witnessing Gary Clark Jr. cover Paul’s Break Em’ Off. Talk about hearing something I didn’t know I needed. Someone please add that to Spotify. By the end of the night, Paul Wall stated, “There was no one way I won that” as he declared Gary the winner of the evening.

    They’re both winners to all of us. I felt like I won simply by being one of the few people in attendance to see this Texas greatness in person. Thank you to Red Bull for an unforgettable evening and I cannot wait to see what y’all have planned next time.



  • MAX at House of Blues (11/10/22)

    By: Angeline Abrera

    Max Schnieder, mainly known by his mononym MAX, is currently on his North American tour and made a stop here in Houston, Texas at the House of Blues. MAX has always been one of my favorite artists, as I watched him grow up on Nickelodeon on the show How To Rock and the movie Rags, to then streaming his first album Hell’s Kitchen Angel during its release in 2016. I even saw him perform once at a free show here at Discovery Green in 2019 and I remember being absolutely amazed by his stage presence. So, whenever I got word to shoot this show, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

    He started off the night with WASABI, one of his most recent releases from July. It definitely was a crowd favorite as his fans danced and sang along to every single word. Even while taking photos, it was hard not to stop and admire his performance from the barricade as it is also one of my favorites by him. After just the first song alone, though it was no surprise, I was just in awe of his stamina to sing, jump and run across the stage without even appearing out of breath. It’s clear that he not only loves what he does, but also his fans and supporters just the same as he was interactive with the audience.

    I then made my way up to the mezzanine to watch the rest of the show and every time I would look down at the crowd, their energy never died down. It was amazing to witness how lively it was, as no one ever stopped dancing and matching MAX’s energy. It was so beautiful to see him connect with his fans as he performed songs from his entire discography such as Worst Day with ILLENIUM which released last month, to songs from his most recent album, Colour Vision. Some songs even date back towards the beginning of his career. He performed a song from Rags called Someday, which he then mentioned that it’s been an entire decade since the movie’s release. You can tell it was a full circle moment for him as he told us how grateful he felt singing this song a decade later on his own tour.

    An hour later, without doing an encore, he went right into his last song Mug Shot. With his energy still at 100%, this MAX classic from 2014 was the perfect way to end the night as it was one of his first singles he released. He truly is an outstanding performer, maintaining his ecstatic energy throughout the entire show! I will definitely be seeing him the next time he makes a stop in Houston.


  • Surf Curse at Warehouse Live (11/5/22)

    By: Carissa Aguirre

    Surf Curse played Warehouse Live on one of the most monumental days in Houston history. November 5th was game six for the Astros in the MLB World Series against the Phillies. The Astros were leading 3-2 in the series and when they won that night, they won it all. The streets were full of people in their Astros gear headed to the surrounding bars and the ballpark to watch the game. Despite the crowds, the doors to the venue opened up at 8PM with a line around the block for the show. However, Astros fans were not going to miss the game. People in line, including myself, were watching on their phones and trying to get glimpses of the televisions inside the neighboring bar, Pitch 25. When everyone started flooding into the ballroom, I ran into a group of people watching the game on a phone propped up against the wall.

    While the opening band Toner played, it was hard to concentrate on two things at once. The band’s upbeat sound and rhythmic guitar had me looking back and forth from the game to the stage. However, once Surf Curse came on stage, all attention was on them. Nick Rattigan hopped up on stage, sat at the drum kit and said, “So, how about them Astros?” Everyone began yelling and screaming as they began to play. They played a lot of songs from their older albums but most songs came off of their most recent album Magic Hour released at the beginning of October. They played some of my favorites including Sugar and TVI. Both are super upbeat songs that I love singing in the car with my windows down, so it was so great to hear them live.

    While playing All Is Lost from the 2017 album Nothing Yet, Rattigan went off on a small drum solo. He swung his head back and forth as he played and his hair was all over the place. The crowd was doing the same. Mosh pits started forming mid-show and grew bigger and bigger for each song. Towards the end, the crowd was getting pretty excited and kept yelling for them to play Freaks, one of their most listened to songs on Spotify. Rubek and Rattigan basically told the crown to relax and they would get there.

    Every song they played seemed to get the crowd rowdier and rowdier. When I finally joined everyone on the floor I was pushed into the pit. I embraced it, but I could tell that some people were not happy with the pushing. I know this has been a huge controversy lately, but honestly I think some people didn’t really know what to expect from the band. For some it was their first time even going to a concert and with a fairly younger crowd there that night, I expected nothing less from the seemingly “chill” surf rock band.

    The rest of the show was great. I got a good laugh out of all the jokes Rattigan was making about the Astros. During each song, he asked for updates on the game or made witty little jokes about other Houston sports. After news broke that we had won the World Series title, he would say things like “Houston, football champions.” in between songs.

    At the very end of the show Rattigan and the band walked off stage as the crowd chanted “Disco”. There was absolutely no way they were gonna leave us without playing their most famous song. It took a little bit and a lot of screaming, but they eventually walked back out on stage. Only this time, Rattigan wasn’t on the drums. He had another drummer come out to take his place while he stood front and center. He looked at the crowd as we waited in anticipation. He said “This one is called Disco” The beginning riff to the song began and the group that had been moshing the entire show opened up again. I was so excited that I ended up jumping in and screaming the lyrics to any random person that looked my way. What a way to end the show. Surf Curse, Houston loves you and we can’t wait for you to come back!


  • Alvvays at White Oak Music Hall (11/4/22)

    By: Jon Harrison

    For almost a decade, Alvvays have remained a favorite amongst indie fans. They’ve also gained a devout following since their self-titled album from 2014. The Canadian quintet recently released Blue Rev and this tour would not only heavily feature this album but also their two albums prior to the glee of long time fans. Led by front-woman and guitarist Molly Rankin, along with mainstays in guitarist Alec O’Hanley, and keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, the band has evolved its sound while also staying true to their distinct indie-pop sound.

    The show started out with Wisconsin band Slow Pulp, this was not my first introduction to the band having seen them open for Remo Drive back in 2019, and even then the band has been amongst my favorites to listen to. Having a throwback but almost grunge feel to their music, with songs like At It Again High, the crowd was absolutely digging the bands sound with loud applauses. Listeners should definitely seek out their latest album Moveys while also listening to older projects such as EP 2. I am very much look forward to what the Chicago-based band will have next in the coming years, and how their sound will continue to develop.

    Soon after, Alvvays would take the stage and the crowd would get a solid mix of all three albums with favorites like Adult Diversion, Dreams Tonite, and Archie, Marry Me. Molly’s smooth vocals were pristine and it seemed like she was singing so elegantly while also having the added touch of the crowd singing along with her. This made for a sweet ambiance in the crowd that boosted the entire set, especially on Party Police when it seemed like everyone knew each line while never feeling off-pitch. Finally, the show would come to the encore portion of the set and Alec asked simply “What do you wanna hear” then me selfishly, and loudly screaming “NEXT OF KIN” and that is exactly what was played to my delight, then to close it out we got Lottery Noises.

    This was a great show from two very good bands that the entire crowd showed deep appreciation to and I am certain would love to see again very soon.


  • Post Malone at Toyota Center (10/25/22)

    By: Brenna Mata

    A Tuesday night never felt so exciting. Fresh off the release of his fourth studio album Twelve Carat Toothache, Post Malone pulled out all the stops (and bops) to a sold out Toyota Center.

    Waves of smoke flooded the gigantic, three-catwalk stage as Austin Richard Post graced his presence to Houston fans. Opening the setlist was Reputation, the yearning yet beautiful opening sequence to his latest album. Immediately following his grand entrance, the melancholic vibe flipped to feel good tunes like Wow, Wrapped Around Your Finger and Candy Paint.

    You’d never realize how many Post Malone songs you know by heart until you’re at one of his shows, catching yourself letting loose to his radio hits Circles and Sunflower, both of which are multi-platinum selling songs. Whether you prefer his hip hop records or raw acoustic performances, there’s something for everyone on this tour.

    Post’s energy was also ecstatic through out. From breaking down some silly dance moves to I Like You (A Happier Song) or his endless grinning while staring around the 19,000-person venue and thanking everyone for being there. The Twelve Carat Tour is with no surprise, his best yet.


  • Kid Bloom at White Oak Music Hall (10/27/22)

    By: Jon Harrison

    The Southern California band headlined a soon to be intimate show full of energy and connection. The three-piece highlighted by frontman and guitarist Lennon Kloser, have a distinct sound that has that groovy dance feel that translates to the way fans have a deep connection to the songs. As the night would unfold, fans salivated to an amazing set that would be full of great vibes and a deep connection that would translate for the entirety of the set. At the very end, we all were lucky to see something that is truly heartwarming and shows why music is something that is bigger than just songs.

    The crowd ranging from young to the old, that included a father taking his son to see the band to indie heads being fond and familiar with Kid Bloom before a single chord was played. Once the band hit the stage it felt certain that something special was brewing for the night. Starting off with Keep Up, the crowd was deeply in tune with Lennon and his silky smooth vocals. It was immediately noticeable that Lennon wanted to be with the people in the crowd, to twirling some of the ladies, to pointing out the people that were in the back. The man was feeling Houston and Houston was feeling him. Through out the set we were graced with bangers like Does It Feel Real to I Fell in Love Again, people were dancing, drinking, and being happy with the people they came with to the show while singing the lyrics very beautifully.

    As the set was coming to an end, the band brought out a special guest that would truly show why live music is a memory creator. The drummers’ family and daughter had come to the show to watch the band play, and Lennon would bring her on stage to close out the show to a very warm applause. Lennon would get the crowd to chant the young girl’s name, and the night would be capped off with songs like Cowboy and Have U Seen Her, ending a very special show on wonderful high note. Even after the show being over, the band would stay to connect with every single person that wanted to talk and share stories, something that I loved seeing.

    This show felt like something that more than a concert, it was almost like a get together with friends you had not seen in a while. I hope for more Houston folks to come out next time when Kid Bloom rolls around.


  • Omar Apollo at 713 Music Hall (10/26/22)

    By: Destiny Arredondo

    Indiana artist Omar Apollo hit the stage at the beloved Houston venue 713 Music Hall on Wednesday, October 26th as part of his Prototype Tour and danced the night away with his fans. 

    With a newly released album, it’s safe to say that everyone (along with myself) was excited for this tour. This album, Ivory (Marfil) brought so much diversity to his already amazing discography and made him gain many new fans. 

    With this newly gained popularity, it wasn’t surprising to see that the venue was packed for his show. The show started off with an up and coming artist by the name of Ravyn Lenae. She performed a beautiful setlist filled with R&B tones and left the crowd ready for more. 

    Around 30 minutes later, the lights in the venue dimmed and everyone got their phones out to record the intro. Intense blue lights hit the fans’ faces as three of the band members came walking onto the stage wearing white jumpsuits. As soon as the intro was done, Omar came walking from the back of the stage in an all black outfit. The song Killing Me boomed through the speakers and fans immediately started singing along to the song. Omar made sure to show off his moves as he spinned, jumped and danced as he continued to sing. After a couple of songs, he made sure to give some of his “OG” fans a trip down memory lane with his song Ugotme from his 2018 record Stereo. The fans instantly started singing every word of the song back to him. Once the song was over he made sure to introduce himself and greet the crowd. He expressed his love for Houston and Texas overall saying things like “I wish I was born here!

    Around the middle of his set he started to perform his spanish songs like En El Olvido and Dos Uno Nueve (219) which consisted heavily of Mexican guitar with beautiful lyrics, and Frio which carried heavy reggaeton beats. 

    He finished his set with his most popular song Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All) and Go Away. Omar Apollo without a doubt knows how to put on a show and exceed EVERYONE’S expectations. 


  • Bazzi at House of Blues (10/18/22)

    By: Brenna Mata

    Bazzi is no stranger to melting hearts and wooing audiences when he graces his presence on stage. The viral pop singer from Michigan is currently touring for his third studio album Infinite Dream, a 19-track record that introduces a new layer of depth to his sound: magic.

    It was quite the spectacle that Bazzi did not have an opening act (there was a DJ, does that count?). As soon as he dropped the curtains to unveil a dream-like stage set up with flowers and a twin size bed, I knew instantly that no opening act was needed for this glistening pop star. Rocking his own tour merch and a cozy beanie for the (very rare) windy Texas weather, Bazzi went full force hyping up the crowd with Lost in the Simulation. Fans bursted into excitement as he made his long awaited return to Houston since the Cosmic Tour in 2018 at east downtown’s Warehouse Live.

    With it only being the second night of tour, Bazzi himself radiated that same energy back to his dedicated fans, smiling amidst playful setlist songs I Like That, Only Fan and I.F.L.Y. The House of Blues was echoing of fans belting out every lyric from the front row all the way to the top of the balcony. You simply couldn’t fight the catchiness of Bazzi’s killer pop melodies.

    The evening ended with his radio-topping singles Mine and Beautiful, both songs that took us back in time to 2018 when he first started making waves in the music industry. Bazzi took his guitar and followed down center stage to sit on the edge, making the medley similar to that of a campfire sing-a-long with friends.