• Khruangbin at 713 Music Hall on 5/11/2022

    By: Carissa Aguirre

    For a band that doesn’t have an actual singer or songs with many lyrics, this trio really knows how to entertain a crowd. Originally from Houston, Texas, Khruangbin played a hometown show at 713 Music Hall on May 11th. They were originally touring with Toro y Moi, but members of the band caught covid and had to sit out the past couple of shows. Despite this, the venue which holds 5,000 people, was packed Wednesday evening. Even the sitting area in the mezzanine and the VIP tables were pretty much full.

    The stage had bright circular lights that flashed red and blue, two disco balls hanging on either side and the band’s drummer, Donald Johnson (DJ) placed in the middle of it all on a platform. It definitely gave off some retro spaceship vibes. The band’s photographer had mentioned that in previous shows they had two more platforms that looked like the bottom of spaceships but had to take them off for this show. It wasn’t clear if it was going to be for only this show or all of the shows coming up.

    Since there was a missing act, Khruangbin invited a DJ out to play some music for the crowd and set the vibe. This wasn’t just any DJ though, he was taking it back and playing all the songs off of vinyl 45s. People in the crowd were grabbing their partners to dance to the mix of reggae, latin and funk music. But, as soon as he finished and the stage was being set for Khruangbin, more people were flooding in on the GA floor leaving only the slightest bit of room for dancing. They started off with a song from their most recent album “Mordechai” released in 2020 but then played a majority of the songs from their older albums such as “Con Todo El Mundo” ,“The Universe Smiles Upon You”, and “The infamous Bill”. What really surprised me was the compilation of songs they covered like “Daz” by Brick, “Bennie And the Jets” by Elton John and even “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. I finally understood where the influence came from to form their sound.

    Despite the missing components from the stage set up, Laura Lee (bassist) and Mark Speer (guitarist) moved around on stage flawlessly. They walked up the side stairs of the platform simultaneously each time. It’s like they mirrored each other on stage. That’s not to say each member did not have their chance to shine, but nobody was overpowering the other.

    Listening to this band through the speakers of your phone does not do them justice. I think to really get the whole Khruangbin experience you need to see and hear them live. The energy in the room that night was unlike any concert I’ve ever experienced.


  • The Band CAMINO at Warehouse Live on 4/12/22

    By: Marti Mendoza

    A sold out crowd was packed in Warehouse Live in Houston, TX on April 12th to see The Band CAMINO, along with opening acts flor and Hastings.

    Right as the doors opened at 6pm, people were already lined out the door waiting to get inside to grab the best spots in the venue. The crowd started to trickle in and were eagerly waiting for the show to start. Hastings opened up the night with a few of his hits, such as “Blank Me” and “Chapstick.” There’s definitely a bright future ahead for this artist.

    After a quick break, indie band flor took the stage. Everyone was jumping along as lead singer Zach Grace brought the energy, coming out in sunglasses and his signature long red hair. The audience was hyped. They played a mix of fan favorites, including “hold on” and “back again,” with a few of their new releases, such as “Skate” and “Big Shot.”

    The crowd was now ready for the main act of the night. Warehouse Live was packed all the way to the back waiting for The Band CAMINO to take stage. It’s been two years since their last time in Houston, so after a long break from touring, the band and audience are ecstatic that concerts are back.

    Opening the night with “Know It All,” the crowd was loud. The next song was “Roses,” where a few fans threw actual roses onto the stage.

    Lead vocalist Jeffery Jordan had just needed to cancel a show a couple nights before in Arizona due to needing to rest his vocal cords, but this was not evident at the show in Houston. He sounded back to normal and will hopefully ride out the rest of the tour healthy.

    Jordan was switching back and forth on lead vocals with guitarist and vocalist Spencer Stewart throughout the whole show. Stewart was sounding better than ever tonight.

    Keeping on going through the setlist, they sang older favorites, such as “Less Than I Do,” “2/14,” and “Know Me.” Hit after hit, the crowd were all jumping along with their hands in the air. More songs were sung, including “Just A Phase,” “California,” and “What I Want.”

    Towards the end of the show, Jordan took off his shirt, which got a roar from the audience, as he finished the rest of the show without it. The show ended without an encore as The Band CAMINO just walked off stage after their last two songs, which were “1 Last Cigarette” and “Daphne Blue.”

    If you haven’t yet seen these acts live in concert, you need to! In the meantime, listen to their music wherever you listen to music and follow their social accounts to keep up with all the latest.


  • Allen Stone at White Oak Music Hall on 1/18/22

    By: Robyn Tuazon

    The first concert of the year is always an exciting one for any live music photographer, concert reviewer, or just any person who frequents and enjoys the experience of live music. Some of my firsts of the year for me in the past have included, The Suffers, Toro y Moi, Brian McKnight, and Khalid. For 2022, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to cover, who I believe to be one of the most exceptional and extraordinary talents, voices, songwriters, and human beings on this planet and that is the incredible Allen Stone. The 34-year old soul and R&B artist, based out of Eastern Washington, is someone whose work I’ve been following and listening to for well over a decade. To be able to have the opportunity and experience this special APART Tour, is one of those full-circle moments for me and already a highlight of my year. This tour focuses on his recent album, ‘APART’, released last November, which includes stripped-back versions of all his classics that span over the past 10 years. If you’re someone who enjoys acoustic music and intimate gatherings then this was one show you would have loved and appreciated. Set in the downstairs venue of the beautiful White Oak Music Hall, just north of downtown Houston, was a sold-out crowd of maybe 300 people. I had been to this venue countless times and this was my first time attending a show where the entire downstairs was seated. For someone who is only 5’ 3”, this was perfect for me to navigate through the crowd. Music festivals are fun and all, but I’ll take an intimate concert over a festival any day of the week.

    Donning a snazzy brown suit and a red beanie, Allen serenaded the room for 90 glorious minutes with a simple set-up of 1 acoustic guitar, 1 electric guitar, and 1 keyboard, while mostly sitting on a wood barstool, and at times accompanied by his 2 backing vocalists, the talented Stephany Mora and Brian Johnson, whose combined harmonies were soo damn good, it could make you cry. Who am I kidding? I did cry. And judging from the crowd, I wasn’t the only one. Haha, a fun fact we learned that night was how he came to meet aforementioned vocalists. Apparently, when he did his fun karaoke extravaganza tour in 2019, they were some of the fans who were in attendance and sang along with him, and he was that impressed by their vocal prowess, that he stayed in contact with them and brought them on tour. It’s little things like that are one of the many reasons why I rock with Allen Stone.

    Some highlights for me that evening included hearing, “Consider Me”, a sweet song from his ‘Building Balance’ album, that I’ve been keeping in rotation lately. Another one was when he played the song, “Circle,” which he admitted is a pretty dark song that he wrote in a low point in his life. While explaining the history of the song, he continued to say,

    “I wrote that song when I was way down, way down.. but now, I’m way way up. I wanna let anybody know who’s here today who listens to the song, that strikes a cord with them, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. Things can change, you can evolve, you can grow, you just gotta stay in the game, alright, and I love you.”

    YO. I swear, we all needed to hear that. I know that I did. Music is such a therapeutic, comforting, and healing thing for so many of us. And to top that off with such honest, pure, and encouraging words from someone like Allen, well that’s everything. Hope is a powerful thing to give to others and Allen did that beautifully. ​

    In the second half of the set, where he transitioned to the keys, were some more fan-favorites including his cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s cover of Bob Marley & The Wailers’, “Is This Love.” Wait, did you catch that? Lol Just listen to it and thank me later. Right after that, he jumped into another gem off the ‘Radius’ album, entitled, “Where You’re At,” which contains this beautiful lyric that says, “The best part of learning is just loving where you’re at.” Add that one to the soundtrack of your life. If he would have ended it right there, I honestly would have been satisfied and went home a happy gal. But then this man started playing a tune, that I would say isn’t too hard to recognize, especially for those of us who grew up in the late 80s/90s era. Allen and his back-up singers effortlessly belted out the beloved theme song, “Everywhere You Look,” in honor of the late and great Bob Saget. As a young father himself, this song means as much to him as it does to the rest of the world.

    And no concert is complete without a good ol’ fashioned encore right? Allen ended the night with yet another cover but this time of, “I Say a Little Prayer” by the Queen of Soul herself, Miss Aretha Franklin, or Miss Dionne Warwick, depending on your preference and music knowledge. And the final FINAL song was “Bed I Made,” originally a bonus track off of ‘Radius,’ Allen re- recorded another version of this for ‘APART’ that features another artist I like, Canadian singer- songwriter Alessia Cara, whose part was covered beautifully by Stephany. Tie off the night with a round of roaring applause and that concluded, “An Evening with Allen Stone.”


  • The Aces at Warehouse Live on 12/17/21

    By: Brenna Mata

    The Aces shook the ground at Warehouse Live with bops and break-up anthems from their sophomore release Under My Influence that released last summer. As a mega fan, finally seeing these songs performed live was beyond surreal and a quarantine dream come true. May I also mention that this was the girls’ first headlining show in Houston, after having performed here as an opener for acts like COIN, X Ambassadors, and 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS is the reason I discovered them, thanks 5SOS!).

    The show itself had an intimate feeling, a charm that only the 450-capacity Studio at Warehouse Live has. Alisa, Katie, McKenna, and Cristal took the stage right at 10:45, following a pre-show playlist including Come Clean by Hilary Duff and 7 Things by Miley Cyrus! Can you say iconic? I can tell instantly that the girls have a new found stage presence than when I saw them the last time in 2019. And it’s a stage presence that is refreshing and most importantly, strong.

    The first track off the setlist is none other that the bop that is ‘Can You Do’, where everyone in the band gets their shining moments. From McKenna’s heavy bass lines, Cristal’s intense lyrics, Katie’s guitar solo to Alisa’s sick drum patterns, you’ve never seen talent like this badass band. Facts. Every song you could hear the room echo from the fans singing along to favorites like ‘Stay’ **and ‘Kelly’, myself included. The energy in the room was just unmatched and every Aces show just feels like a safe space for letting yourself be free.

    When you see a band that advocates for mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ rights, spreading a message of positivity through music, it makes moments at these shows so special. This is especially true for my favorite off the record, ‘Going Home’, which is a mushy love song that gets me every time. It can be about love of course, but I like to hear it as the relationship between The Aces and their fans with lyrics like “Fuck anyone who says they doubt you, I love everything about you.

    Other fan favorites of the night included the dreamy pop bop ‘Daydream’ that’s stacked with Katie’s immaculate guitar riffs and majestic lyrics, and the heart wrenching ‘Volcanic Love’ from their first record When My Heart Felt Volcanicwhere everyone screams at the top of their lungs “Under the ashes, under the ashes, under the ashes, I’m on fire baby, I’m on fire!

    Even though tour just finished last night in Austin, if you didn’t catch the band then now you know not to make that mistake again! I’ll never miss an Aces show ever. And neither should you.


  • Madeon at House of Blues on 10/9/21

    By: Daniel Restrepo

    After months on tour, and 22-months since his last appearance in Houston, Madeon took on the stage at House of Blues and delivered an amazing ending to his ‘Good Faith Forever’ live show. As a fan of Madeon, it’s been a pleasure to watch him evolve an artist. The ‘Good Faith Forever’ live show is a mix of songs off his upcoming album ‘Good Faith’ as well as the ‘Adventure’ era. Although ‘Good Faith’ consists of  indie-pop sounds melded with electronic undertones, the live show features a dark and ominous element to it. With an imperialistic theme contrasting against the upbeat music and technicolor graphics, it’s the perfect storm for an exciting show.

    After vibing out with the opening sets, it was finally time for a hearty dose of Good Faith. Anticipation built as the crowd chanted “MADEON” at the top of their lungs eagerly waiting his arrival on stage. When the anticipation and excitement was built up as high as possible, it was Madeon’s cue to hit the stage. A screen vibrantly flashed “GOOD FAITH”, he hopped on stage, and the crowd went wild as everyone sang along to “All My Friends” live rendition. This song is one of my favorites off the new album; Madeon created it to be a fun, upbeat pop track, and it ultimately became an anthem the past few months.

    Madeon did an amazing job of catering to fans’ nostalgia by playing songs from the 2019 ‘Adventure’ era. He did this by throwing in tracks such as ‘Pay No Mind’, ‘Imperium’, and the infamous ‘Shelter’ with long-time friend and collaborator Porter Robinson to name a few. These songs all tell a coming-of-age story of his youth, while Good Faith proves he’s grown up, survived, and thrived over the past four years.

    Madeon continued to mix songs from Good Faith throughout his live performance, with the most beautiful and colorful visuals being displayed behind him throughout the show. These visuals were some of the most stunning and vivid ones I’ve seen out of all EDM shows I’ve been to. From fascinating waves of rainbows and beyond, each song had its own unique visual elements and set of colors to go along with it, all collectively adding up to a visceral experience.

    Some captivating moments from the night were when Madeon dropped “Shelter” not once, but twice, even coming back for an encore to play it again for the finale. He also played “Nirvana” and mashed it up with “Mania” the same way they play into each other on the album, which is such a truly graceful transition. Before making his return on stage for the encore, Madeon performed “Miracle” and sang his own vocals to the crowd all  while multicolored lights and images flashed vividly before everyone in attendance. It felt truly special to be in that moment with him, as you could hear the passion in his voice and giddiness in his excitement as he constantly thanked the crowd for living in the moment with him.

    Madeon really has found his sound and was beyond ready to share it with the world. A show that was nearly  four years in the making, you could hear and feel the relief that Madeon has that we can finally listen to his new music, his story, and understand where his mindset has been over the whole duration of the ‘Good Faith’. This truly is the era of Good Faith Forever.


  • Modest Mouse at White Oak Music Hall on 10/8/21

    By: Daniel Restrepo

    As the anxiously began to file into the White Oak Lawn, after hours of waiting relentlessly in Houston’s hot and humid weather, there was a certain restlessness in the air. Once inside the venue, the fans were greeted with a smokey haze that accompanied the show all night long. The intense heat, in combination with masks, caused more than a few people to step inside to feel some sort of relief. No relief could be found by removing your mask, unless it was to drink your beer, which was about nine dollars for a not so generous pour.

    All of this melded to create a very antsy audience, but mostly they were happy to be back in a live music venue and ready to experience the emotions and feelings brought on by live music. Modest Mouse (MM) fans were on full-energy, screaming lyrics to their favorite songs like ‘Bukowski’ or ‘Dashboard’, but there appeared to be several casual music-goers as well, drawn in either by the opening acts, Empath or Future Islands, or like me, just an individual eager to see a show for the first time in over a year.

    As MM leader Isaac Brock trotted out on stage, the crowd was welcomed with MM staples like ‘Dramamine’ and ‘Cowboy Dan’. Throughout the show, tracks from the band’s latest album The Golden Casket were rolled out, and the flashing lights that accompanied tracks like ‘We’re Lucky’ and ‘We Are Between’ sent the audience into a joyful hysteria. The band indulged some of the more casual fans halfway through by playing ‘Lampshades on Fire’, their 2014 single that I recall being played frequently on the DMV’s biggest alt-rock station, DC101, back when it was first released.

    As the lights faded on their thirteen-song set, the audience roared with approval, screaming for more. The band were clearly plotting something backstage, as it took them a solid ten minutes to return for an encore. It’s not a crazy long time, but it was just long enough to make the crowd begin to wonder if they were coming back out at all to play their staple track ‘Float On’. This track is the outlier in the MM discography, for it had been responsible for introducing the band to a wider audience in the early 2000s indie rock / alternative scene. With its squawky-voiced lead singer and never-ending fan base, this band could now fill venues like The Lawn at White Oak instead of sweating it out in basement shows.


  • Willow at White Oak Music Hall on 9/30/21

    By: Amelia McDill

    The ethereal, punk-rock rarity that is Willow Smith gave Houston an incredibly lively evening on the night of Thursday, September 30th. The 20-year old multi-instrumentalist performer brought a robust energy that was perfect for launching a season of live music after almost 2 years in waiting.

    Kicking off her sold-out show with “t r a n s p a r e n t  s o u l”, and sporting a cropped Pantera shirt, she soared from the sides of each stage, swelling the crowd with eagerness to interact- at the very least a touch on the hand. Her arrival was passionately welcomed after crowds anxiously waited three opening acts. 

    It’s safe to say Willow has come quite a long way from the internationally-popular single of 2010, “Whip My Hair.” Touring with her latest album “lately I feel EVERYTHING”, her show was a rare experience of fierce sensitivities. From one moment, Willow was prompting the crowd to chant positive affirmations into the air such as, “I am loved, we are loved”- only to flee, disorientingly, to the drums to liven the energy once more.

    Her recent album marks the break away from some of her more sensitive works into the bold genre of pop-punk and rock, allowing her to unleash harsher tones and melodies with the accompaniment of cheeky lyrics to match. These patron fans of Houston did not stand dumbfounded at her captivatingly large presence, but instead were passionately parroting every lyric from her setlist, filling the room with echoes of youthfulness, tales of heartbreak, the woes of overthinking and esoteric sentiments of angst. 

    Willow achieves the crowd-connecting elements of an introspective performance, with songs like “Female Energy” and “Overthinking IT”, while still providing all the bells and whistles of a pre-pandemic punk rock show: head-banging riffs, seductively crawling on the stage, a drum jam, and dimming the lights to take a smoke break, – all the while there’s someone’s bra from the crowd, lying there, side stage. 

    As the show came to a close- the energy in the room was still buzzing and spirited. As I packed up my camera bag to leave, I felt like I could have stayed a couple of hours longer, and I think the crowd did too as they trickled out, still enthralled by her lingering presence.

    Willow managed to come in swinging with a successful attempt to pick up the energy where we left it in early 2020- as if it was all a dream.


  • Lucy Dacus at White Oak Music Hall on 9/18/21

    Photos: Brenna Mata + Review: Tammy Chang

    My first show back was also my first time reviewing a concert on behalf of HTXVOX. I was a little anxious at first because I’m someone who hasn’t gone out very much during the pandemic even after getting vaccinated, for fear of bringing the virus back home. However, after hearing from friends who had recently attended concerts, and reading that about the precautions in place for Lucy Dacus’ tour, I felt much more confident. In her Instagram tour announcement, she actually wrote: “Y’all know that we are requiring vaccination or a negative test within 48 hours and ~strongly encouraging~ masks, but what I would really love is for everyone attending to be vaccinated, have a recent negative test, and wear a mask the whole time.”

    By 9 pm, the downstairs at White Oak Music Hall was packed and the laid-back crowd from earlier had started buzzing with energy, hyped for the show to start.

    After the opener Palehound played and 10 minutes before Lucy Dacus was set to hit the stage, the giant analog television screen on stage whirred to life. Vignettes of a young Lucy played on loop: her as a baby, as a young child singing into a microphone, eating birthday cake, and playing with Winnie the Pooh. Each time a particularly cute video popped on screen, the crowd would “aw” together. It was a very special touch to share these literal home videos on the tour supporting her newest album, “Home Video.”

    Static broke up the last snippet of video, which indicated that Lucy was about to walk on stage with her band – Dominic on bass and guitar, Sarah on keys, Ricardo on drums, and Jacob on guitar – to exuberant cheers and whoops. “Triple Dog Dare” **began, the perfect song to ease us into the night. Slow, steady, and cinematic, Lucy began to sing. The crowd joined in for the first few lines, but fell soon fell silent as they decided to just watch her do her thing.

    “First Time” played **next and took us up-tempo, to everyone’s excitement. This song features a bumping beat that had the crowd swaying around. I wondered what Lucy and the band saw from the other side of the stage – if even under the lights they could see how much they were affecting people, or if they could see everyone singing along. I hoped they knew how much fun we were all having.

    I would be remiss if I failed to mention that in response to Texas passing some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation, Lucy Dacus has spoken up and literally put her money where her mouth is. On September 2nd, she tweeted the following:

    Lucy has elaborated on her thoughts further in an article from *Rolling Stone* and **doubled up on her promise to donate “everything [they’re] going to make at these shows on merch and from tickets.” At Saturday’s show, the merch tables also featured “FGA” t-shirts, designed by local artist Miranda Oxendine and produced by Mister Teej’s Print Shopin Houston. Lucy shouted them out at various points throughout the night, encouraging fans to buy the shirts with all profits going towards Lilith Fund. You can buy one HERE!

    Each time the crowd joined in on the choruses for “Hot & Heavy” and “Yours & Mine,” I was filled with emotion. Right before “VBS” started, Lucy asked: “How many of y’all went to vacation bible school?” A large part of the “Home Video” album details Dacus reconciling her religious upbringing with a youthful journey of sexual and self-discovery. Here in the Bible Belt, this theme hits hard. It felt very healing to be in a room full of queer people from the South, with their hands in the air and singing about church, in a space filled with unconditional acceptance and belonging. In her red blazer and matching lipstick, Lucy stood on stage like the cool camp counselor we all needed growing up.

    Lucy rocked through a pink-toned cover of “La vie en rose” by Édith Piaf, which made my friend turn to me in shock, yelling “IS SHE SINGING IN FRENCH?” Each song was performed masterfully and showcased how talented the band was in creating a spellbinding live show. Lucy herself would frequently switch guitars according to the music, and at one point even picked up the bass and said with a smile, “I play bass now.” Her bandmates also backed her up on vocals, and my favorite part was when she and Sarah, the keyboardist, harmonized. Their voices together were so sweet and soothing.

    “Partner in Crime” marked a shift in sound – on the album, it’s a moody, auto-tuned track that translated into a sparkly, live Owl City moment with Lucy’s voice filtered through a digitized mic. The crowd hushed when the band played longtime fan-favorite “Thumbs.” An animation of friends holding hands played in the background as Lucy clasped her own and sang intently: “I would kill him, if you let me. I would kill him, quick and easy.”

    “Going Going Gone” was the highlight of my night. The band stripped it back and circled up around an imaginary campfire to play the sweet little ditty on acoustic guitar. This was the most interactive song of the night – even those unfamiliar with the lyrics could sing along to “going out, going out, ooh, going, going out.” It was really heartwarming to see the back and forth between Lucy, the band, and the audience.

    “Night Shift” was the last song before encore. Lucy, lovely as ever, took a minute to say: “Thank you for singing and being so gracious with your attention. This just the coolest job ever and I’ve missed it a lot,” vocalizing the same feelings that we all felt about live music being back.

    Finally, Lucy closed the night with a brand new song, which I found listed on setlist.fm as “Bus” – and that is all I am at liberty to share at the moment, because she made us all pinky promise not to record it.

    At 11:45 pm on the dot, the show is over and Lucy walks offstage, clutching her blue water bottle. The crowd files out slowly, as we all readjust to reality. For 2 hours and 45 minutes, we were all in an entirely different place, but together. On my way home, after I drop off my friend, I queue up a Spotify playlist of tonight’s songs, already nostalgic about the experience and waiting for the next show.

    Triple Dog Dare

    First Time


    Hot & Heavy




    Yours & Mine

    La vie en rose

    Partner in Crime



    Going Going Gone

    Please Stay

    I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore

    Night Shift

    ENCORE: Historians

    ENCORE: New Song (Bus?)


  • Dayglow at Warehouse Live on 9/11/21

    By: Robyn Tuazon

    Concerts are back people! After a heartbreaking year and a half hiatus of not attending or working concerts, I finally had the opportunity to be in what my friends refer to as my “natural habitat.” Haha To say I was thrilled is an understatement. Allow me to introduce Sloan Struble, more widely known as the indie pop project Dayglow. A 22-year old musical genius from the Fort Worth, Texas area and currently based in Austin, who could give Tame Impala a run for his money. His brilliance is equally matched with his naturally charismatic personality. Don’t believe me? Look up his YouTube channel and watch him break down most of his songs. It’s honestly incredible to say the least. For anyone that enjoys behind-the-scenes content or any music production nerds out there, I highly recommend watching it. 

    Back to the concert, side-note, I have such a soft spot for indie pop music, and especially for any Texas artists, I guess for me personally it just makes me feel closer to them. Like I can connect to them more. Anyways, I’ve always believed live music to be something special and there’s a reason why so many people go out of their way and spend money to attend such events for a couple of hours. It’s the magical feeling it brings to our souls and spirits.

    Standing in the photo pit in front of a packed venue amidst the loud cheers, I watched Dayglow and his band walk out to the sounds of “Something,” the first single o ff  his second LP, Harmony House . Dressed in a relaxed and hip fit that radiates his old soul, Dayglow had the biggest smile on his face and came with an energy as big as Texas. Afterwards, he played “Medicine” which is such a catchy tune and one of my personal faves o ff  the album. If you’re familiar with Dayglow’s history, you know that his sound is heavily inspired by 70s/80s pop and the feel-good vibes of yacht rock. After that he went into an old favorite, “Nicknames” from his first album, Fuzzy Brain , which he wrote his senior year of high school. I’m still amazed by the quality of his production at such a young age. He writes, produces, and mixes everything himself y’all. Give this man his flowers.

    The next dozen songs or so were a combination of his 2 albums, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of grooving and even some really wholesome and sweet moments where things mellowed out. During the song, “Into Blue,” the lights turned o ff  and the cell phone lights came on, as everyone in the crowd slowed down and sang along to the beautiful melodies of Dayglow. I can definitely see this song in a Netflix film, one of those coming-of-age or romantic comedy things. The general theme of Harmony House is about growing up and who can’t relate to that? The entire album from start to finish has such a nostalgic feeling to it. It’s like comfort food for my ears.

    As the night drew to a close, I was anxiously waiting to hear the song that was pretty much the main reason why I wanted to attend. “Close To You.” It’s the first song that I heard from him. It’s a song that I kept in heavy rotation since the beginning of the year. One of the songs I added to the “soundtrack of my life.” The intro alone just makes me wanna dance. Fun fact, which I recently learned, he initially dreamed up this song and envisioned it as a duet, but because he’s more of an introverted person he ended up just doing a duet with himself. Haha I love that because he killed it! His falsetto vocals in the chorus are hands-down my favorite part of the entire song. The entire night was well-worth the $30 parking fee I had to pay (freakin’ Dynamo game, I’m Ubering next time btw lol). I definitely had to cop a vinyl of Harmony House just to support and because I wanted a visual, tangible reminder of a beautiful evening shared with my local community of concert lovers who appreciate amazing music from a remarkable ​artist. Thank you Dayglow. You have a new fan in me. Looking forward to the art you put into the world in the future. The world needs more of it. 


  • Binki at White Oak Music Hall on 9/11/21

    By: Brenna Mata

    Let us be the first to introduce you to your new favorite artist – binki. He’s everything you want under the umbrella of dance, rap, pop, and all in between. As a recently signed artist to the ever growing FADER label, binki’s style has started to gain the attention of wider audiences including the likes of Billboard, who claim his sound is “genre-melding.”

    I felt very lucky to witness binki open up for Glass Animals this past weekend at White Oak Music Hall on their Dreamland Tour. Why, you might ask? He’s the type of talent that you know is going to come back on his own tour one day, playing to an even larger audience, and I get bragging rights of saying I was a day one fan (because who doesn’t love to do this, c’mon). 

    Fans in the front row who camped all day to secure an excellent spot would not and could not stop screaming their hearts out saying “BINKIIII!” It was beautiful to hear and see the opening act get some love, because his energy deserved all their praises.

    We were treated to a set featuring all 4 tracks from his most recent release titled ‘MOTOR FUNCTION’, which includes the raging ‘Revolve’ and dreamy-pop ‘Clay Pigeon.’ The crowd did not know the lyrics for the most part – but that didn’t stop anyone from letting loose for a breezy evening show. 

    Before binki was set to leave, he performed his 2019 release ‘Heybb!’ that has amassed nearly 10 million streams on Spotify alone. This was the track that launched bikini out into the real world, being exposed to notable music industry producers and even Apple, who used the song in a commercial for the iPad air release. 

    It’s charming, catchy, and undeniably damn good music. Houston is already excited for your return to one of our stages, binki.