• My Chemical Romance at Toyota Center (9/27/22)

    By: Michael Perea

    My Chemical Romance brought the Reunion Tour to Houston and it was a show that should not have been missed.

    Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the show had to be postponed a few times, but that did not stop Houston from getting the experience they wanted the day of the show. Fans were outside waiting for hours getting early merch, taking pictures with the marquee in their amazing outfits and waiting in line to be as close as possible to the barricade, it shows how dedicated they are to see their favorite band. Once doors opened, fans cheered in excitement and made their way inside the venue to their seats. The show had two openers, Midtown and Devil Master, both of these artists did an amazing job at hyping up the crowd, you could even see some fans in the crowd singing every word of their songs, it was a great way to start the night

    It was finally time for My Chemical Romance to perform, the lights dimmed across the venue, fog surrounded the stage, and slowly the band members started taking the stage. The band opened with The Foundations of Decay and immediately the crowd joined them singing in unison. The band then continued to sing songs like my personal favorite I’m Not Okay (I Promise) and Give ’Em Hell, Kid. Lead singer, Gerard Way then took a moment to thank all the fans for coming out to the show after the postponements, he wanted everyone to have a great and safe time. He encouraged fans in the pit to take a few steps back to give everyone room to breathe and have fun. It was something I really admired, security was also constantly passing out water bottles to fans so they could stay hydrated, it shows how much the band really cares about their fanbase.

    One of the great things about the My Chemical Romance shows has been that the setlist is constantly changing. For the Houston show they played a wide variety of songs from their entire discography such as The Ghost of You, Our Lady of Sorrows and Boy Division. A reunion tour would not be a reunion tour without the hit singles. As soon as the intro for Welcome To The Black Parade played, the fans screamed and gave the loudest scream of excitement, the song is a classic that everyone knows by heart, and seeing it being performed live was honestly life changing. Teenagers, Mama and Na Na Na were all played back to back, you could hear fans get louder and louder with each song, showing how timeless these fan favorites are.

    The band thanked everyone for coming out to the show and performed Famous Last Words as their “finale”, they exited the stage and the crowd cheered “encore” wanting the band to keep going. After a few minutes of cheers, the band came back and performed two final songs, Vampires Will Never Hurt You and ended the night with Helena, it was an amazing moment seeing the band and fans sing “so long, and goodnight” as the final song of the night. If My Chemical Romance comes to a city near you please make sure to attend, it’s a show you will never forget!


  • Thundercat at House of Blues (9/22/22)

    By: Joseph Espinoza

    Coming into Thundercat, I didn’t know much of his material. However, I am thoroughly impressed and ready to hear more. The crowd in Houston’s House of Blues was electric and eager to hear every note that came out of the trio of musicians. Off the bat, he came in with a jam session that was 15 minutes long—mesmerizing the crowd with his anime character six string bass. 

    Coming out of the jam, Thundercat went right into the song Dragonball Durag and the crowd went ballistic. It was incredible hearing the crowd jamming out and having a great time. As I made my way through the crowd it was apparent that the love for the music was real. 

    After each song Thundercat would speak on a certain topic; whether it was his favorite musician, Louis Cole, or his love for anime, he would accompany it with some of the coolest jazz-inspired R&B tunes that sounded like they were from another planet. After the show, I felt ready to take a deeper dive into his discography and immerse myself in the world of his music. 


  • Alice In Chains at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (9/17/22)

    By: Jesse Perez

    Alice In Chains is back and traveling on tour for summer 2022 and their latest stop was at the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas. A tour that was announced back in March of this year along side other popular rock groups, Bush and Breaking Benjamin joined in on the fun.

    Any rock fan from the Houston area can appreciate how killer of a lineup that is, especially having the opportunity to see the infamous group Alice In Chains. One of my favorite bands listened to growing up as a young kid. My father was my main influence on music as a child and I quickly gravitated to his love for classic rock. But every so often, I would hear something that just had a little different sound to it, and that was that northwestern grunge rock sound provided by groups like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains.

    Which was the group I ended up liking the most, so getting the chance to witness them perform live for the first time was a dream come true.

    The venue was just as amazing as I remember as well. All my childhood memories come running back to the day I got to see KISS perform there when I was around 10 years old. I didn’t remember just how jam packed it would get there, but I sure was reminded when I walked back and forth through the venue to appreciate the crowd. Hearing them singalong to one of the first most popular songs, Them Bones, playing and at that moment was pretty astounding. As the show continued, I was waiting in anticipation for songs like Man in the Box and Nutshell and boy did my patience pay off for all these years waiting to hear those songs in person. 

    Although, of course, the band wasn’t performing with the late great frontman Layne Staley, who was apart of the inception of Alice In Chains in 1987. There was still guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney, original founding members of the band, still performing at their peak. William Duvall, current lead vocalist who’s been part of the group since 2006, put on an outstanding performance matching what I’ve been so accustomed to hearing in the voice of Layne Staley. When Nutshell played, all I could think about was Staley’s performance of the song on MTV Unplugged, which ended up being one of his final times performing. That song will always bring tears to my eyes. But that night, they were happy tears, because seeing all the bright cellphone lights lighting the crowd showed just how much people love this band, including myself.


  • DaniLeigh at House of Blues (9/16/22)

    By: Loreal Curtis

    An R&B artist by the name of Larrenwong opened the show for the 4 Velour Tour and showed so much love to Houston. He performed one of his newer songs called, Nights in the Heights which he told us was about a girl he used to talk to that lived in the Heights in Houston. He made sure we knew that he was a true musician by switching out his guitars throughout the set. I know he gained a lot of new fans after giving us a preview of his vocal range and versatility.

    This was my first DaniLeigh concert and I was ready for her to put on a show. Prior to the concert, I knew she was going to come with all of the choreography and perform and she DID NOT disappoint. Her set was an array of slow heart felt songs with some higher tempo songs to dance to. She made sure that her day one fans or “Dani Lions” were validated too by playing songs from her first project Summer with Friends.

    She was in awe as the crowd was shouting “Dani, Dani, Dani” while she was in mid conversation. Her tour was dedicated to her beloved daughter, Velour, who she misses dearly while touring. She was intentional in showing love to other mothers out there hustling for their families.

    If you didn’t know before, you definitely know now that Dani is a performer. She is such a natural and makes all of her choreography look effortless. She kept the audience engaged by having conversations between songs, bringing someone from the audience on stage, and even going out into the crowd to perform. I love how she made everyone at the House of Blues feel so appreciated and loved by all of her interactions.

    Dani had an encore performance with her hit song Lil Bebe and genuinely thanked the audience for supporting her. This is an artist who seems to be such a humble and genuine person and I know that’ll take her far in the future.


  • Twenty One Pilots at Toyota Center (9/14/22)

    By: Brenna Mata

    Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, better known together as the platinum-selling band Twenty One Pilots, brought their extra frosty Icy Tour to a packed house at Toyota Center. I’m no stranger to a TØP show, they are my favorite band after all. This was my ninth show to be exact and having seen them on multiple tours, I can confidently say that these guys will continue to impress audiences around the world. The amount of memorable moments that Tyler and Josh are able to fit into one concert is truly a spectacle.

    Right at 8:45pm sharp the huge LED screens begin to roll a cryptic montage of snowy visuals and a notable blue door that eventually made a grand entrance to center stage. As the door bursted open, a storm of (fake) snow followed, revealing the duo in their usual black ski masks and spike-studded sunglasses. The show opened with the upbeat Good Day followed by the intense No Chances from their 2021 record Scaled and Icy.

    Fans that camped out for days leading up to the event filled the general admission pit and didn’t miss a single lyric through out the night. Some fan favorites on the setlist included Guns For Hands which was a trip down Vessel memory lane, Mulberry Street featuring a cell phone flashlight show orchestrated by Tyler, and the beloved B-stage medley that included a song from every TØP album since 2011. It was a nice thank you to the fans who have been immersed into their music for the past decade.

    But a Twenty One Pilots show isn’t a Twenty One Pilots show without the guys and their signature stunts. Tyler’s known for making the show personal for everyone in the audience – no matter where they are sitting in the arena. He treks back and forth from the main stage to B-stage, even jumping onto a mattress in the back of the GA pit during their performance of Ride (what an exquisite idea to execute, haha). While long time fans are no stranger to his rush to the Car Radio platform, their top hit Stressed Out had a new stage presence in the back of the arena as well. Sporting the Blurryface red beanie and his signature bass guitar, for the first time on tour Tyler played an entire song on the platform that used to be reserved only for Car Radio!

    And sure, the lead singer has better opportunity to move around than the drummer but never underestimate the talent of Josh Dun. A staple during TØP shows has been what fans refer to as “drum island” where their crew sets up a drum kit for him on top of the audience. This is such a shining moment for Josh. The Icy Tour’s “drum island” special was a solo to the pop-esque Saturday. Imagine getting to hold him up while performing this!

    Closing out the night with Trees is always a bittersweet moment. It holds all the characteristics of what makes this band so special. Beautiful lyrics, heartwarming melodies, upbeat arrangements, and vocals full of emotion. Plus, you can’t forget the confetti party that waves through out the crowd while Tyler and Josh hit the drums on the crowd! After every show I’ve been to, my heart has never felt more full. Thank you Tyler and Josh for your music that makes fans feel so alive.


  • Joji at 713 Music Hall (9/14/22)

    By: Jesse Perez

    Former YouTube star and now current music sensation Joji made his latest stop on his Smithereens Tour in Houston, Texas at Houston’s newest venue: 713 Music Hall. George Miller, now known by his professional name Joji, has come a long way from those old YouTube days where he played famous personas such as Flithy Frank and Pink Guy, which originally propelled his stardom, but now he’s moved on from those days and has become an even bigger star because of his music career. The strong loyal following of his fans has continued throughout his career and only got stronger once he started making music. That was more than apparent as soon as you stepped into the venue! The crowd chanted “Joji! Joji! Joji!” Every chance they could before he made his appearance on stage with YEAH RIGHT

    The entire crowd’s energy was consistent throughout the show, singing along with every song, especially the older SoundCloud songs Joji would refer too many times to see if the fans really knew some of his first released titles. As a fan of mostly his YouTube days, there weren’t many songs I recognized, but his personality is something the crowd as well as myself could definitely recognize and resonate with. Joji kept everything so engaging with the crowd and mixed in his typical humor, which was a big bright spot for myself because not only did I thoroughly enjoy the music and the performance, but the jokes and sounds made back and forth with the DJ and Joji. At one point, there was an electric scooter that Joji was cruising around the stage with while performing a song. That was completely unexpected, but it kicked the crowd’s energy to another gear, There were objects used to toss out free merchandise to the crowd like a t-shirt canon, and what looked to be a homemade catapult which was just hilarious to look at on stage flinging t-shits at clamoring fans. 

    Joji performed well with the enormous Houston crowd that showed up to support him. You could tell he had everyone in the building eating out of the palm of his hand, especially when he came off stage and just before coming back onto the stage, as the crowd was yelling for an encore! Like clockwork, he came out knowing he had purposely left his most popular and streamed song for last. SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK. As this song started, you knew this is what many people in the crowd were waiting for. The same goes for me. The song was the perfect way to end an amazing night and an outstanding performance from Joji. It has encouraged me to dive deeper into more of his music. And I hope I see him live again soon.


  • JUNNY at Last Concert Cafe (9/12/22)

    By: Angeline Abrera

    Embarking on a new journey to share his own music, JUNNY is off on his first ever North American tour after the release of his recent album, Blanc, with Houston, Texas being one of the lucky stops.

    To start off the night, Highvyn, an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee, made a special appearance to warm up the audience. With the crowd already familiar with his music, as he’s been sharing his journey on TikTok, they all welcomed him with open arms, dancing and cheering throughout each song. Soon after, XENZU, an artist based in Los Angeles and BeiJing, made her way to the stage, putting on such a fun performance with her ecstatic energy. Both artists interacted so well with the crowd, everyone was already having such a great time.

    Having written for many artists in the KPOP and KR&B industry, JUNNY has made a name for himself by creating some of the industry’s greatest hits, including some of my personal favorites such as MMMH by Kai, Privacy by Baekhyun, Pilot by NCT 127 and so much more. However, with this tour, he aims to focus more on his own music, which he mentioned in a recent interview with Fox 13 Seattle, “I love songwriting, I love writing for other artists, but I don’t think that will be a priority anymore. I’m thinking more of myself now and I wanna release music under my own name.” With JUNNY creating his own music, all while writing for other big names, there’s no question that his craft has left a major impact on both ends, with many eager fans waiting for him to take the stage.

    After a few spins by DJ Minjeong, prepping for JUNNY’s arrival, the crowd slowly starts making their way forward, closer to the stage. Once the lights grew dim, JUNNY came out with an expected roar from the crowd, starting his set off with one of his recent songs, Color Me featuring CHUNG HA. JUNNY’s incredible vocals were almost drowned out as the fans, myself included, sang every single lyric to all of his songs. With this being his first North American tour, it was obvious that we’ve all been waiting to see him live with how energized the crowd was to finally hear these songs in person. JUNNY then closed the show with his song Thank You as a literal thank you to all of his fans. Truly the perfect way to end an amazing performance. And despite the obvious gap between the artist and the fan, the cozy venue made the show so much more personable, closing that gap, and creating a totally different atmosphere from start to end compared to other concerts I’ve been to.

    As people started filing out of the venue, JUNNY went back on stage one last time to talk to his fans, sign autographs, and take photos, which made it clear how much love and appreciation that he has for them. I was fortunate enough to meet him afterwards as well, and he really is one of the most down to earth, kindest people I’ve ever met. This definitely was a show to remember.


  • The Circle Jerks at White Oak Music Hall (9/3/22)

    By: Jesse Perez

    For the first time in 15 years, Circle Jerks has gone back out on tour in the United States for what could be their final time. At their latest stop, the hardcore punk rock band from sunny California found themselves at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas on a rainy Saturday night. Not even a rainy day would slow down the excited crowd that had already experienced an extended wait due to a postponement of the show, which was originally slated for April 30th of this year. 

    The tour went through many changes and, due to the nature of touring in these times, covid-19 was the cause of the postponement and rescheduling of many of their stops. Lead singer and founder of the group, Keith Morris, had tested positive for covid-19 in early April, which caused him to put the tour on hold for a brief period. Luckily, there seemed to be no slow down in the group as they burst out onto the stage and got the already warmed up and highly energized Houston crowd rocking from the jump! Thanks in part to the two openers, Negative Approach and 7 Seconds, the crowd was more than ready to keep the mosh pits going all night long. 

    The scene of the crowd was electric, and the personality of Houston’s rock fans was in full effect. Mohawks and spiked hair could be spotted in every corner of the downstairs area of White oak music Hall. It was also easy to see why it was such a packed house as the excitement of fans that had been waiting so long for this filled the room. The absolute climax of the show was when Circle Jerks played Wild in the Streets from their 1982 album by the same name, and the intensity of the mosh pit took it to another level! It was also a major point for myself, since that song had been apart of my childhood. The song was a fan favorite from Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, a video game released in 2005. 

    Lots of people were also being pulled out of the crowd, but that’s definitely to be expected from these types of shows. Thankfully, nobody seemed to be injured in all the rage, in no small part due to the great security on hand and the help of other Houstonians taking good care of one another. This wasn’t my first rock show, but I can say, like all the other shows that I’ve attended, this crowd was much friendlier than you’d imagine. The rock community has a great reputation and so does this band. It was an absolute pleasure to attend this show and capture a piece of history.


  • Jungle at White Oak Music Hall (9/2/22)

    By: Destiny Arredondo

    The venue, White Oak Music Hall, was quickly filling up as the show time was getting closer. With the line reaching way into the neighborhood, the fans were pumped with excitement. 

    Tonight a band by the name of Jungle was playing a sold out show.

    The venue was finally filling up with fans, and their eagerness was just growing. The opening act, Paul Cherry, comes onto the stage wearing a glamorous white suit with cherries on it referencing his name. Cherry plays songs from all of his albums but exclusively his newest album Back On the Music!  He finished his set off with his song Ridin’ the High

    The headliner’s set time was approaching and the stage hands started to prepare the stage. They pulled a drape down from the back of the stage that revealed in large, bold letters the name JUNGLE. Not too long after, the lights dimmed and the audience roared with enthusiasm. The band members stepped onto the stage and started the set off with Keep Moving, from their 2021 album Loving in Stereo. The fans immediately started dancing as the heavenly singers’ voice filled the entire venue. At this point the venue was packed and the energy in the room was just right. The orange stage light filled the room with the perfect ambience to match the neo-soul/funk band on stage. The band was getting closer to finishing off their set, and the crowd was covered in sweat from how much they were dancing. The band said their goodbyes and the lights came on. 

    I can guarantee that if you were to ever attend a JUNGLE concert, you wouldn’t be able to stop dancing! 

    If this band was to ever come to your town, don’t miss out on the opportunity for a good night! 


  • LANY at 713 Music Hall (9/1/22)

    By: Brenna Mata